Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kaashvi and Arjun seated on the marriage mandap. Romila, filled with hope, contemplates the impossibility of removing Kaashvi’s veil, yearning for Mahima’s return. Just then, Mahima arrives and devises a plan to sneak in through the back door. As she hears the voice of the priest, it dawns on her that Arjun’s marriage is underway. In a swift turn of events, Kaashvi and Arjun exchange their marriage garlands. Just as Mahima arrives, she vehemently declares that this marriage cannot proceed any further. Romila, anticipating this explosive moment, eagerly awaits the unfolding drama, knowing that it will reveal Kaashvi as the true bride.

Mahima confronts Arjun, demanding to know who took her place and how he could betray her in such a manner. Aruna, perplexed by the commotion, seeks an explanation from Jagdeesh. Trying to maintain composure, Jagdeesh advises her to remain calm. Disregarding all obstacles, Mahima resolves to unmask the bride. Despite Nayantara’s attempts to restrain her, Mahima forcefully pushes her aside. Samrat reprimands Mahima for her actions, while she proceeds to unveil Kaashvi. The guests express their disapproval, claiming that Nayantara’s family has crossed all limits and that Kaashvi has betrayed Mahima.

Aruna reveals to Jagdeesh that Nayantara’s family has betrayed them, leaving him no choice but to divulge the truth that only he and Nitya know—Kaashvi is the actual bride. Aruna, angered by his concealment of this information, directs her fury at Nayantara. Mahima scolds Kaashvi, proclaiming herself as the rightful bride and asserting that her marriage to Arjun will transpire. She demands that Kaashvi vacate the premises and, just as she is about to strike her, Arjun intervenes, holding Mahima’s hand firmly. Romila, caught off guard, never anticipated this unexpected twist.

Arjun sternly warns Mahima not to even think about hurting Kaashvi. Taken aback, Mahima questions his audacity in speaking to her in such a manner. Unfazed, Arjun implores her to cease playing the victim, reminding her that Kaashvi only assumed Mahima’s place because of her own actions. He demands that Mahima disclose the reason why Kaashvi had to take her position.

As Romila attempts to interject, Arjun dismisses her interference, emphasizing that Mahima was absent, allowing Kaashvi to step in. Maaji intervenes, pleading with Arjun to stop, but he adamantly declares that he cannot tolerate Kaashvi’s defamation, promising that the truth will be revealed. Turning to the guests, he accuses Mahima of betraying him, his family, and her own family. He exposes Mahima’s elopement with Pradyumna, motivated by her desire for a luxurious life.

Arjun further reveals that Mahima had accepted his marriage proposal under false pretenses, intending to elope with Pradyumna from the very beginning. Kaashvi, aware of this plan, assisted to salvage the reputation of both families. Arjun firmly asserts that Kaashvi is his future and declares that he will not tolerate any slander against her. He challenges Mahima, questioning her right to claim the position of the bride, emphasizing that only Kaashvi holds that privilege. He insists that she confess the true reason behind her return.

Feeling that Arjun has transformed, Mahima realizes she must fabricate a lie. She tells him that she recognized her mistake, which prompted her to return. Arjun instantly refutes her claim, asserting that Mahima is lying and that her decision to come back was motivated by Pradyumna’s lack of wealth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mahima expresses her apologies to Arjun for her actions. In response, Arjun reassures her that he is actually relieved that she chose to elope. Through this conversation, Mahima discovers a startling truth: she is not Nayantara’s biological daughter, while Kaashvi is revealed to be the true daughter of Nayantara and Samrat.

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