Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Angad approaching Ajith and inquiring whether he would consider working with the Brar jewelers. Witnessing Ajith reverting to his previous profession, Sahiba becomes overwhelmed with emotions. Angad expresses his remorse to Sahiba for his past errors and humbly requests her forgiveness. Santosh remarks on Angad’s apology, assuring him that everyone will forgive him for his actions. Kirat also admires Angad’s noble act. Ajith embraces Angad warmly, signifying their reconciliation. Sensing the harmonious atmosphere, Kirat approaches Sahiba and reassures her that Angad is not as terrible as he seemed. Inspired to capture this precious moment, Kirat suggests taking a photo to make it a lasting memory. Veer enthusiastically proposes they take a selfie, and they all join in, creating a joyful group picture. Santosh contemplates how they have been blessed with a twofold happiness—Sahiba’s false pregnancy scare and the reconciliation. Sahiba later clarifies to her family that she was not actually pregnant, explaining that it was a report mistakenly attributed to her. Santosh expresses his hope that Sahiba will soon conceive.

Later, Sahiba surprises Angad by preparing his favorite sweets and presents them to him after dinner. Angad gratefully acknowledges Sahiba’s gesture and confirms that the sweet delicacy is indeed his favorite. Curious, Sahiba asks Angad if all his efforts were solely intended to seek her forgiveness. Angad sincerely responds, denying her assumption and explaining that his actions were driven by a genuine desire for redemption from his past mistakes. Sahiba playfully remarks on Angad’s response and encourages him to enjoy the sweet treat she has prepared for him.

Angad approaches Sahiba and requests her to pick a color and font. Confused, Sahiba questions Angad about the purpose of this request. Angad responds by revealing that it’s a surprise he has planned for her the following day. In that moment, Angad and Sahiba share a romantic interlude.

Jasleen inquires Seerat about Garry’s whereabouts. Seerat speculates that Garry might be out and about with his friends. Jasleen and Seerat engage in a conversation about Sahiba concealing the truth from Jasleen. Eventually, Jasleen suggests to Seerat a strategy to solidify her position by becoming pregnant before Sahiba.

Garry reflects upon himself, realizing that he used to be highly regarded but is now treated poorly by everyone. Despite this, Garry remains optimistic that his time will come.

Seerat approaches Garry and unveils a plan that would enable him to establish a stronger position within the family. Seerat clarifies that the plan was devised by Jasleen and not herself. Curious, Garry inquires about the details of the plan. Seerat reveals that they need to become parents before Sahiba and Angad. Garry firmly advises Seerat against entertaining such thoughts and reminds her of their respective statuses.

Angad warmly extends his welcome to all the guests at the Brar mansion, as they gather to celebrate the golden jubilee function of their business. Angad highlights that it has been 50 years since the inception of their business. Overwhelmed, Angad’s gaze falls upon Sahiba, leaving him captivated. He proceeds to pay her a compliment.

Akaal praises Angad, while Jabjyot introduces Sahiba to the guests as Angad’s wife. The guests inquire about Garry’s involvement in the family business, to which Akaal responds negatively.

Angad notices Seerat with tears in her eyes and follows her, concerned about her well-being.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sahiba gazes at a painting, but suddenly decides to discard it. In that moment, a middle-aged woman approaches Sahiba and confronts her, inquiring about the steps she took to achieve her own dreams. She challenges Sahiba, questioning her determination to start from scratch and work towards her aspirations. Determined to progress in life and make a meaningful impact, Sahiba hands over a college admission form to Angad. Meanwhile, Akaal’s anger flares up in response.

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