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Teri Meri Doriyaann 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Sahiba pondering over Angad’s whereabouts in the morning. Suddenly, she receives a call from Ajith, who expresses concern and asks if everything is alright. Sahiba reassures him that things will improve once they repay their debt. However, Ajith is taken aback when he witnesses Santosh preparing for his business. Astonished, he informs Sahiba about the unexpected development of Santosh offering to assist him. Kirat seizes the opportunity to make a comment about Santosh, to which Santosh responds. Santosh then informs Ajith that she intends to join him in selling Rajma Chawal.

Meanwhile, Angad arrives at the Monga household and expresses his desire to talk to Ajith and Santosh. Sensing the need for privacy, Ajith and Santosh invite Angad into their home.

At the same time, Seerat notices Garry’s absence and realizes that he was away from home the entire night. Concerned, she tries to call him but receives a message indicating that his phone is switched off. Eventually, Garry returns to his room, prompting Seerat to question him about his whereabouts. Garry responds by making disrespectful remarks, requesting that their relationship remain private and whatever occurs between them should stay between them. He pleads with Seerat not to divulge that he was out the entire night and proceeds to go to sleep, ignoring her attempts to communicate.

Back at Ajith and Santosh’s house, Angad expresses his wish to speak with them privately. Sensing the need for confidentiality, Kirat takes Sukhi ji away from the scene. Kirat promptly contacts Sahiba and informs her about Angad’s unexpected visit to meet Santosh and Ajith. Intrigued, Sahiba questions Kirat about Angad’s actions, puzzled as to why he went there without informing her.

Seerat’s Dupatta became entangled in her bangle, and she reached out to Garry for help. Garry approached and tugged on the Dupatta forcefully, causing her injury. Realizing his mistake, Garry apologized to Seerat and advised her to find a bandage in the drawer to treat the wound.

In the midst of the commotion, Seerat noticed Sahiba rushing out of the house. Curious, Seerat inquired about the reason behind Sahiba’s haste. Sahiba revealed that Angad had gone to speak with their parents without informing her, leaving Sahiba distressed as she departed abruptly.

Prabjyot arrived and questioned Seerat about her first night. Seerat remained silent, unable to articulate her feelings. At that moment, Jasleen intervened and whisked Seerat away, providing her with support and solace.

Meanwhile, Angad handed a 20-lakh rupee cheque to Ajith, intended for their benefit. Angad requested both Santosh and Ajith to accept the cheque and settle their debts. However, Ajith and Santosh declined the offer, rejecting Angad’s proposition.

Jasleen instructed Seerat to obey her commands henceforth and carry out her instructions precisely. Assisting Seerat in preparing for her inaugural kitchen ritual, Jasleen inquired about the dish Seerat planned to make. Seerat pondered silently, aware that her culinary skills were limited to making tea.

Angad expressed his concern to Ajith and Santosh, emphasizing that he did not wish for them to endure excessive stress and harm their well-being over the debt. In response, Ajith and Santosh shouldered the responsibility, acknowledging that the debt was their own fault and that they needed to make amends. Unbeknownst to Angad, Sahiba overheard his final statement and misinterpreted his intentions, believing that Angad intended to repay the debt solely to protect the Brar family’s reputation. Sarcastically, Sahiba praised Angad and made disparaging comments. She then defiantly tore the cheque apart, emphasizing that their self-respect outweighed any monetary considerations.

[Episode End]

Precap : Seerat approached Angad in his room, seeking headache medicine. Sahiba interjected, informing Seerat that she had placed the medication in her own room. Seerat expressed her inability to locate it. Angad reassured Seerat, affirming that if Sahiba claimed to have kept the medicine there, it must be present. He encouraged Seerat to double-check Sahiba’s room, confident in Sahiba’s infallibility.

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