Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jasleen extending an invitation to Garry and Seerat to enter the esteemed Brar mansion. Kiara takes charge of performing the welcoming ceremony for the bride and groom. Jasleen instructs Garry and Seerat to step into the house with their right foot. Unfortunately, Seerat encounters a slippery patch of oil and loses her balance. Swiftly, Angad comes to her aid, catching her before she falls. Angad then reminds Garry that he should move alongside Seerat, progressing forward instead of backwards.

Gurleen proceeds to discuss the upcoming ritual, but Jasleen interjects, suggesting that there is no need to carry it out, considering the exhaustion of the newlywed couple. Angad interjects with a comment regarding Jasleen’s statement and instructs Gurleen to prepare for the subsequent ritual. Gurleen departs from the scene.

Akaal informs Garry that he will be living under Angad’s supervision, stating that if Angad senses Garry straying onto the wrong path again, he will administer punishment. Akaal emphasizes that this is his directive.

In a state of intoxication, Inder arrives and directs offensive remarks towards Garry and Seerat. He expresses his belief to Angad that he will regret entrusting Garry to him. Inder also criticizes Akaal for assigning Garry’s responsibility to Angad. Despite Angad’s attempts to intervene, Inder persists and asserts that Garry is incapable of change. Inder warns Angad that he will come to regret his decision.

Sahiba apologizes to Inder on behalf of Seerat and explains that Seerat has endured significant hardships, resulting in a considerable transformation. Angad reminds Inder of his promise to Seerat, vowing not to let her happiness be stolen. Inder questions Angad on what holds more importance to him: his word or his father. Angad reminds Inder that he himself taught him the value of honoring one’s commitments.

Meanwhile, Garry receives a phone call from Sarah and departs from the scene to attend to it. Subsequently, Inder also leaves.

Sarah invites Garry to spend their first night together, and Garry accepts. Seerat inquires about Sahiba’s relationship with Angad. Sahiba explains that despite living in the same room, she and Angad still argue over trivial matters. Sahiba then escorts Seerat to Garry’s room before leaving.

Garry enters his room, grabs a suit, and prepares to leave. However, Seerat asks him where he’s going. Garry responds that he’s meeting his friends. Seerat reminds him that it’s their first night together. Garry expresses his need for some personal space and departs.

Sahiba informs Angad that she intends to start working at a shop from the next day. Angad reminds her that Akaal disapproved of her working. Sahiba explains that she plans to talk to Akaal and justifies her decision by stating that she wants to remove her father’s house from mortgage. Angad offers to provide her with the money, but Sahiba declines, stating that she doesn’t want his charity. She insists on discussing her work plans with Akaal.

[Episode End]

Precap : Seerat approached Angad’s room seeking a remedy for her headache. In response, Sahiba informed Seerat that she had placed the medicine in her own room. Seerat expressed her inability to locate it. Angad reassured Seerat that if Sahiba claimed to have put the medicine in her room, it must be there. He encouraged Seerat to verify Sahiba’s statement, emphasizing Sahiba’s infallibility.

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