Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Manveer urging Sahiba to take Seerat away from there. However, Sahiba pleads with Manveer to allow Seerat to reveal the reason behind her presence. Encouraged by Sahiba, Seerat picks up Garry’s dropped necklace and hands it over to him. Hansraj makes a snide remark about Seerat gatecrashing Garry’s pre-engagement ceremony. This prompts Jasleen to summon security to throw Seerat and Kirat out. Despite Jasleen’s objections, Akaal permits Seerat to stay, and Jabjyot reminds everyone that they are guests in the house.

Jasleen approaches Sahiba and demands that she remove her sisters from the premises. However, Seerat interrupts and declares that they have come to seek answers, not to leave. Garry instructs Seerat to leave, but she insists that she has seen the truth with her own eyes. Pamela questions what is going on, and Jasleen accuses Seerat of running away from Angad’s wedding with an unknown person and attempting to ruin Garry’s nuptials.

Kirat interjects and asks Jasleen to calm down, while Sahiba requests Angad and Veer to escort the reporters out to avoid tarnishing the Brar family’s reputation.

Seerat vehemently denies staying silent and vows to expose the truth about Garry, despite his attempts to silence her. Shehnaya inquires about Seerat’s claims, prompting Garry to try and suppress her accusations. Seerat remains unconvinced by his efforts and Sahiba steps forward to reveal that she previously tried to prove the truth to Angad on Vaishakhi Diwas, but Seerat remained silent at that time.

Sahiba urges Seerat to speak up and Angad also encourages her to tell the truth. Jasleen requests that Angad takes Sahiba and her sisters aside to avoid any drama during her son’s pre-engagement ceremony. However, Sahiba remarks that the truth will soon be revealed to Jasleen. Seerat reminds Garry of the promises he made to her and how he abandoned her on the road to die. Garry questions Seerat’s trust in him, but she accuses him of being unfaithful.

Seerat has once again fled from her wedding, leaving Santosh in a state of emotional distress. Sukhi attempts to comfort Santosh, who declares that she cannot endure further humiliation. Karan’s parents are perplexed as to why the bride has not yet arrived.

Kirat contacts Sukhi and requests to speak with Santosh. Santosh shares with Kirat that Seerat has absconded from the wedding. Kirat responds by stating that Seerat did not run away, and that she had escorted Seerat outside to avoid further shame and to confront those who have insulted them. Santosh inquires for further information, and Kirat assures her that she will explain everything in due time.

Meanwhile, Seerat confides in Garry, confessing her love for him and posing the question of whether he is willing to marry her. Garry remains silent, prompting Pamela and Shehnaya to interrogate him. Akaal suggests that Garry’s silence is an admission of Seerat’s truth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Seerat finally decides to come clean and reveal to everyone that it was Garry who she eloped with instead of marrying as planned. Angad asks Seerat to confirm her relationship with Garry and she admits to it. The manager of the hotel where they are staying also reveals that Garry has booked a guest house under his name for the entire year. When Sahiba questions Angad about his search, he realizes that Garry was the person he was looking for all along. Angad becomes enraged and confronts Garry, grabbing him by the collar. Garry attempts to downplay the situation by saying that booking a guest house is normal. Angad retorts that it is not normal when his own fiancé is staying in that guest house, and he proceeds to slap Garry repeatedly.

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