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Teri Meri Doriyaann 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Angad expressing to Sahiba the importance of not crossing the line. Sahiba responds positively, suggesting that it would be a good idea if they switched places. She proposes that she sleep on the bed while asking Angad to make himself comfortable on the couch. Angad dismisses her suggestion, explaining that it’s not feasible, and insists that she vacate the bed. Unyielding, Sahiba asserts to Angad that she will stay in his room but under her own conditions.

Angad suggests they discuss the matter later in the evening, prompting Sahiba to question the reason. He informs her that he has to leave for work. Determined not to be left behind, Sahiba asserts her intention to accompany him and reminds him about the need to present designs to their clients. Angad assures her that he will handle the client meeting himself and requests Sahiba to provide him with the designs. Agreeing to his request, Sahiba receives a notification revealing that her bank account balance is a mere Rs 1500. Unbeknownst to her, Angad notices the message on Sahiba’s phone. As Angad prepares himself for the office, the memory of what he saw lingers in his mind. He places some money near Sahiba’s phone and leaves a note alongside it.

Jabjyot and Manveer decide to throw a lavish celebration for Angad’s birthday. While Jabjyot makes her way to the dining table, Manveer playfully teases her. Seizing the opportunity, Jasleen pretends to be hurt and dramatically exits the dining area.

As Sahiba exits the washroom, she notices the money and the accompanying note. Misinterpreting Angad’s intentions, she believes that he is attempting to humiliate her.

Meanwhile, Angad showcases the designs to the clients, emphasizing the incorporation of opulent gold and diamonds. Curious about Sahiba’s absence, the clients inquire about her whereabouts. Angad casually responds that she couldn’t make it that day. Concerned about the affordability of the jewelry for the general public, the clients express their reservations. Angad makes a passing remark in response to the clients’ concerns. However, the clients express their dissatisfaction and consider discontinuing the deal. Just as they are about to depart, Sahiba intervenes and requests a mere five minutes to explain how the designs can cater to their needs while also conveying a meaningful message. Intrigued by her proposal, the clients agree to listen.

Sahiba impresses the clients with her captivating presentation, showcasing her expertise and creativity. Recognizing the potential of the affordable range she suggests, the clients express their willingness to grant them the contract. They praise Sahiba in front of Angad, acknowledging her remarkable abilities. Veer escorts the clients out, concluding the successful meeting.

Jasleen approaches Inder’s room and knocks on the door, seeking his attention. Inder, sensing Jasleen’s ulterior motives, mocks her and questions her purpose. Attempting to play the innocent victim, Jasleen implores Inder for his assistance. However, Inder sees through her facade and refuses to aid her, promptly leaving the room.

Meanwhile, Angad takes Sahiba aside, wanting to discuss her decision to pursue such a deal with the clients. Angad expresses his concern, explaining that Brar Jewellers typically targets a different market segment and doesn’t cater to the middle-class audience who may have limited purchasing power. Sahiba, on the other hand, extols the virtues of middle-class individuals and their honesty as customers. She returns the money to Angad, emphasizing her independence and ability to rely on herself. Angad reveals that he noticed the message indicating a low balance in her bank account. Sahiba sternly instructs Angad to refrain from snooping around her phone. Angad insists that he was merely trying to assist her, but Sahiba firmly requests that he never attempt to help her again, abruptly ending the call.

[Episode End]

Precap : Angad gathers his family and makes a significant announcement that he has decided to support and endorse Seerat and Garry’s marriage. However, Sahiba expresses her strong objection to this union, expressing her concerns.

Seerat, sensing Sahiba’s apprehension, turns to Angad and earnestly requests him to promise her that he will always be there to support and assist her throughout her married life with Garry. Angad, understanding the importance of his assurance, gives his solemn word to Seerat. Sahiba keenly observes this interaction, taking note of Angad’s promise.

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