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Teri Meri Doriyaann 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Angad engaging in a conversation with clients while heading home. While browsing social media, one of the clients notices a photo of Angad and asks him if he recently got married. Affirming this, Angad confirms the news. Meanwhile, Jasleen shows Seerat a news article featuring a picture of Seerat and Angad. Veer adds his remarks regarding the news portal.

A sense of unease fills Angad as Sahiba hasn’t arrived home yet. Sahiba attempts to hail either an auto rickshaw or a taxi to reach the Brar mansion.

Hansraj approached and informed everyone that the guests had arrived. Manveer took the opportunity to comment on Sahiba’s tardiness, expressing surprise at her absence. Jasleen intervened, assuring everyone that Seerat would attend the gathering in Sahiba’s place and handle the guests with utmost care. Jaspal warmly welcomed the clients, who couldn’t help but notice Seerat and mistakenly assumed she was Angad’s wife.

Jaspal led the clients inside, while Sahiba attempted to find a ride. Desperate, she stopped a woman and asked for a lift, only to be told that the woman didn’t know how to ride a double-seater vehicle. Sahiba took matters into her own hands and offered to drive herself. The woman reluctantly agreed, and Sahiba rode the Scooty.

Meanwhile, Akaal engaged in conversation with the clients, and Angad turned to Veer, inquiring about Sahiba’s whereabouts. Veer informed Angad that Sahiba hadn’t returned home yet. Unfortunately, as Sahiba rode, a passing truck splashed mud on her and the scooty. Determined to reach home quickly, Sahiba continued her journey. Inside, Seerat diligently attended to the guests, while Angad grew increasingly worried about Sahiba’s prolonged absence.

Jabjyot approached Angad and asked about Sahiba’s whereabouts. Angad admitted that he didn’t know, and Akaal, overhearing their conversation, speculated that Sahiba wouldn’t be joining them. Finally, Sahiba arrived at the Brar mansion, grateful to the lady who had given her a lift, and hurried inside.

One of the guests presented a bottle of champagne to Angad, expressing a desire to see Angad and his wife open it together. Meanwhile, Sahiba tried to slip inside unnoticed, but Jasleen caught sight of her and intercepted her, insisting that she accompany her. Jasleen brought Sahiba in front of the guests, prompting Angad to urge Sahiba to change her attire. Jasleen, however, insisted that Sahiba introduce herself to the guests. Sahiba introduced herself as Angad’s wife, leaving the guests astounded and prompting them to question Angad. Eventually, Angad confirmed Sahiba’s claim. Akaal questioned why they had assumed Seerat was Angad’s wife without any introduction. The guests presented a news article featuring Angad and Seerat with the caption “Mr. and Mrs. Brar.” Angad wondered where the news outlet had obtained the photo and instructed Veer to ensure its removal. Veer agreed to take care of it. The guests discussed how Angad had married Sahiba, and some made unfavorable remarks about Sahiba. Akaal and Jabjyot felt insulted by the situation.

Manveer confronted Angad, questioning his decision to allow Sahiba to attend college when important guests were expected at home. Angad defended Sahiba, stating that she had assured him of her punctuality. Manveer commented on Sahiba’s disheveled appearance in front of the guests, prompting Angad to express his desire to speak with Sahiba privately.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Brar mansion is visited by the police, who explain their purpose of arresting Akaal due to a complaint filed against him. Witnessing the complaint, Jasleen inquires of Sahiba whether she was the one who lodged the complaint against Akaal. Sahiba firmly denies any involvement in such an act. However, Jasleen presents a video wherein Sahiba explicitly expresses her intent to file a complaint against Akaal. In the video, Sahiba claims that Akaal has been preventing her from attending college and confining her within the confines of their home.

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