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Teri Meri Doriyaann 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Sahiba experiencing feelings of guilt after losing the deal. Veer comforts Sahiba, urging her not to pay attention to Kiara’s words. Sahiba agrees with Kiara’s assessment of her performance. Realizing the futility of dwelling on the shop’s outcome, Sahiba also expresses concern for her father’s health. Unbeknownst to them, Angad overhears their conversation. Sukhdeep informs Seerat that Jasleen wants to see her in Kiara’s room.

Kiara is shown to be anxiously talking to Jatin on the phone. Jasleen enters and inquires about Kiara’s conversation. Kiara simply states that she is speaking with a friend. Jasleen offers Kiara advice, suggesting that she prioritize herself above everyone else. Seerat questions Jasleen’s reason for summoning her. Jasleen presents Seerat with a pair of earrings, mentioning that she bought them from Belgium specifically for her. Kiara makes a remark about Seerat and the earrings, which offends Seerat. In response, Seerat hands over the earrings to Kiara and leaves the room. Jasleen confronts Kiara about her mistreatment of Seerat and Sahiba. Kiara dismisses Jasleen’s concerns.

Angad recalls Sahiba’s conversation with Veer. Just as Angad is about to stumble, Seerat catches him and asks what he’s contemplating. Angad claims there is nothing on his mind. Later, Seerat questions Angad about why he won’t let her take care of him. Angad reminds Seerat that she is his brother’s wife and it isn’t her responsibility to look after him. Seerat insists that it is her duty because he has done so much for her. Jasleen observes that Seerat still affects Angad. Jasleen approaches Angad and informs him that Akaal has expelled Garry from the business. She asks Angad if he has forgiven Garry. Angad responds negatively, stating that he has only given Garry a chance and he must earn their trust. Seerat argues that Garry should be given an opportunity to prove himself. Upon hearing this, Angad agrees to discuss the matter with Akaal.

Jasleen commends Seerat for standing up for Garry. In response, Seerat tells Jasleen that Garry needs to learn to stand up for himself, claiming that he disregards her advice and doesn’t care about her. Jasleen suspects that Seerat’s reaction stems from Kiara insulting her. Jasleen assures Seerat not to worry and reveals that she reprimanded Kiara for her behavior. Later, Seerat departs from the scene.

Sahiba informs Angad that she has placed his medication nearby. Angad inquires about Ajith’s well-being and wonders if Ajith will ever forgive him for his past actions. Sahiba reassures Angad, saying that his regret will last only two more days, after which he won’t dwell on it any longer, and then she leaves. Sahiba approaches Manveer and requests him to take care of Angad as she has other matters to attend to. Manveer comments on Sahiba prioritizing other things over Angad, but Sahiba counters his remark and departs from there.

Sahiba accompanies Ajith to the hospital, where she notices Kiara present for a pregnancy test. Sahiba confronts Kiara about it, but Kiara dismisses her and tells her to mind her own business. Kiara warns Sahiba not to disclose this information to anyone in their house and urges her to leave.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gurleen receives Sahiba’s pregnancy report from the delivery boy and excitedly announces to her family that there is wonderful news. Akaal, curious about the good news, inquires Gurleen about it. Gurleen responds, saying that Angad will be the one to reveal it to everyone, and hands over Sahiba’s pregnancy report to Angad. Angad, with anticipation, reads the report aloud, confirming that Sahiba is indeed expecting a baby.

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