Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25 May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Santosh and Ajith embarking on a quest to locate the elusive rats within the confines of their house. In the midst of their search, Jasleen and Kiara pay an unexpected visit to the Monga residence. Santosh warmly welcomes them inside, exuding genuine hospitality. Sensing their curiosity, Jasleen inquires about Seerat’s whereabouts, prompting Santosh to call out for her. Seerat’s astonishment is palpable as she comes face to face with Jasleen and Kiara. With a purpose in mind, Jasleen confides in Ajith and Kiara, revealing her intention of seeking Seerat’s hand in marriage for her son, Garry. Furthermore, she proudly showcases a dazzling diamond necklace, which she has brought as a token of Shagun for Santosh.

Ajith noticed that Santosh was falling into their trap. He turned to Jasleen and remarked that Sahiba’s decision was ultimately their family’s decision. Jasleen countered, suggesting that Sahiba had only refused because she wanted to retaliate against Angad. Ajith responded to Jasleen’s statement by commenting that Sahiba was always right, without a doubt. Jasleen then pleaded with Ajith to let her speak to Seerat.

Approaching Seerat, Jasleen informed her that Garry had willingly agreed to the marriage. Seerat questioned why Garry hadn’t accompanied them, to which Jasleen explained that he was too ashamed of his actions and couldn’t bear to look Seerat in the eyes. Jasleen emphasized that this course of action was the best option for both of them.

However, Ajith expressed his disapproval, stating that he didn’t want Seerat to marry Garry, who had shattered her life. He instructed Jasleen to leave and take back their gifts. Jasleen implored Ajith and Santosh to reconsider their decision, but Santosh urged Seerat to speak up and share her thoughts, believing that this choice was right. Seerat expressed her need to confide in someone before reaching a decision, and Ajith reluctantly agreed.

Seerat made her way to Angad’s office to have a conversation with him. Angad dismissed his staff to ensure privacy for their discussion. Seerat commended Angad, acknowledging him as a genuinely good person, and conveyed her understanding that he wanted her happiness. She then requested a promise from Angad, asking him to ensure that nothing untoward would ever befall her. Angad remained silent in response.

Sahiba inquires of Kulche why the accounts are in such a state. Kulche reveals that customers stopped calling the shop after she married into the Brar family. Sahiba assures Kulche that she will be a loyal customer from now on. To prove her point, Sahiba points out Kirat entering the shop.

Angad expresses his confusion to Seerat regarding her requests. Seerat confesses her fear of making decisions due to past experiences. She admits needing someone’s support if she were to join the Brar mansion, as she believes most people there despise her. Angad reminds Seerat that Sahiba will always be there to support her.

Sahiba and Kirat discuss Angad’s marriage proposal. Sahiba contacts Seerat to inquire about her whereabouts.

Seerat reveals to Angad her lack of trust in Sahiba, as she believes Sahiba strongly opposes their marriage. Seerat expresses greater trust in Angad than in Sahiba. Angad assures Seerat of his commitment, leading her to agree to marry Garry.

[Episode End]

Precap : Angad and Sahiba are preparing to attend Garry and Seerat’s engagement, and they have brought along engagement rings for the occasion. As Sahiba contemplates the forthcoming marriage of Garry and Seerat, she wonders about the potential impact it may have on her own relationship with Angad. During the engagement ceremony, Seerat slides the ring onto Garry’s finger smoothly, but Angad notices that Garry is struggling to put the ring on Seerat’s finger. Without hesitation, Angad steps forward, takes the ring from Garry, and places it delicately on Seerat’s finger himself. Later on, Angad realizes his error in judgment.

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