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Teri Meri Doriyaann 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Sahiba confessing to the Brar family that she is expecting a baby. Hansraj responds with a comment regarding her pregnancy. Jabjyot, while talking to Manveer, suggests that Sahiba should be happy and adds her own remarks. Observing the situation, Jasleen informs the Brar family that it seems Sahiba didn’t inform Angad about her pregnancy and that he discovered it along with everyone else. Seerat offers her congratulations to Sahiba, and Garry also extends his congratulations to Angad. Curious about Kiara’s worried expression, Seerat asks her why she appears tense. Kiara requests a glass of water and excuses herself. Concerned, Veer assures Sahiba that he will call Kirat and share the good news with everyone. Gurleen interjects, stating that Sahiba should be the one to share the joyful news with her own family.

Meanwhile, Jasleen kindly offers Kiara a glass of water and inquires about her sudden illness. She suggests seeing a doctor, but Kiara insists that it is unnecessary. Garry proposes calling a doctor to the house, but Kiara maintains that it’s not needed. Just as Prabjyot arrives and questions Kiara about her mood swings given Sahiba’s pregnancy, Kiara suddenly feels unwell and swiftly leaves the room.

Jaspal inquires of Angad the reason behind his lack of happiness. Manveer speculates about Sahiba, suggesting that her actions might be part of a new plan. Inder expresses his disbelief that Angad would continue with this relationship. Angad takes Sahiba aside.

Angad confronts Sahiba about the pregnancy report, questioning whether she is pregnant. Sahiba denies it. Angad further probes if the report is inaccurate, to which Sahiba replies in the negative. Growing increasingly agitated, Angad argues with Sahiba and demands a straightforward answer. Sahiba implores Angad to grant her some time to reveal the truth. In a fit of anger, Angad forcefully overturns a table and storms out of the room.

Coincidentally, Angad encounters Seerat. Curious about Angad’s distress, Seerat inquires about what happened. Angad dismisses the topic, stating that he doesn’t want to discuss it. Shortly after, Angad departs from the area. Seerat notices Kiara heading towards Sahiba.

Kiara locks the door and begs Sahiba not to disclose the truth to anyone. Sahiba assures Kiara that she won’t reveal the secret and advises her to be cautious since others might suspect something if they witnessed their clandestine meeting. Grateful for Sahiba’s understanding, Kiara expresses her gratitude. Sahiba asks Kiara about Jatin’s whereabouts. Kiara informs Sahiba that Jatin is a good person who would propose to Jasleen if he knew about her pregnancy. Sahiba requests Kiara to inform her after contacting Jatin and sends her away.

Later, Seerat approaches Sahiba and questions why Kiara came to meet her. Sahiba clarifies that Kiara came to meet Angad, not her. Seerat confronts Sahiba about her decision to conceal the truth regarding her relationship with Angad. In response, Sahiba probes Seerat about her own relationship with Garry. Through their conversation, Sahiba realizes that Seerat and Garry’s relationship was exactly as she had imagined. Seerat eventually leaves.

Kiara calls Sahiba and relays the information that Jatin has been in contact, arranging to meet her the following day. Sahiba asks Kiara to share the details of their conversation afterward, to which Kiara agrees.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sahiba was taken aback when she learned that Kiara had made the decision to undergo an abortion. Unbeknownst to her, Angad overheard Sahiba’s conversation with Kiara and misinterpreted it, assuming that Sahiba herself was planning to have an abortion. Fueled by this misunderstanding, Angad confronted Sahiba, accusing her of being pregnant with someone else’s child. Sahiba, trying to clear the confusion, pleaded with Angad not to make baseless accusations that he might come to regret later on.

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