Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Sahiba expressing her concern for Angad. She confides in Ajith, stating that she will remain outside the hospital until Angad receives the necessary treatment.

Akaal advises Manveer to depart, as the doctor has instructed her to rest. Seerat also attempts to persuade Manveer to go and take a break. Jasleen encourages Garry to learn from Seerat’s compassionate approach. Unfortunately, Manveer’s health deteriorates upon seeing Angad. Akaal requests Inder to escort Manveer away. A nurse arrives and informs them that visiting hours have ended, allowing only two people to stay with the patient. Akaal agrees and instructs the nurse to prepare a wheelchair. Jasleen proposes that Garry and Seerat stay overnight. Akaal consents to the idea but warns Seerat and Garry not to allow Sahiba to meet Angad. Seerat acknowledges the warning.

Seerat and Garry remain at the hospital while Inder takes Manveer in a wheelchair and departs from the hospital with Jasleen and Akaal.

Before leaving, Garry instructs Seerat to contact him if Angad wakes up, and he exits the hospital premises.

Sahiba notices the Brar family taking Manveer in a wheelchair, and Jasleen makes a comment about Sahiba. Inder urges Sahiba to leave the area, but she insists on staying until she knows Angad is completely fine. Akaal adds a remark about Sahiba and leaves with the rest of the Brar family.

Seerat feels guilty about Angad’s current situation because she couldn’t convince Sahiba to stop working, despite Angad always supporting Sahiba when she needed it.

A nurse notices Sahiba anxiously waiting for news about Angad. Sahiba asks the nurse if Angad has woken up, but the nurse replies negatively. The nurse assures Sahiba that Angad will recover soon, appreciating her concern for him. Sahiba expresses her gratitude to the nurse.

Sahiba spots Kirat and immediately embraces her, seeking solace in her shoulder and shedding tears. Kirat comforts Sahiba and advises her to eat some food. Sahiba insists that she won’t consume anything until Angad regains consciousness. Kirat points out that Sahiba won’t be able to take care of Angad if she doesn’t eat, prompting Sahiba to make a remark in response.

Angad consoles Sahiba, urging her not to cry. Sahiba asks about his well-being, and Angad admits feeling weak. He blames himself for the situation and Seerat affirms her understanding of his responsibility. Angad then realizes that he mistook Seerat for Sahiba. Seerat informs Angad that Sahiba isn’t allowed to be near him due to her perceived responsibility for his condition. Garry arrives and pretends he has been in the hospital the whole night, eagerly awaiting Angad’s awakening. The doctor examines Angad and asks Seerat about Sahiba’s whereabouts. Seerat and Garry inquire about the doctor’s message for Sahiba. The doctor commends Sahiba for bringing Angad in at the right time and not waiting for the ambulance, stating that Angad is alive today solely because of her actions.

Seerat goes to inform the Brar family about the positive news. However, Garry intervenes and contacts Jasleen instead, sharing the news of Angad regaining consciousness. Sahiba attempts to see Angad, but Seerat prevents her from doing so.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sahiba makes an attempt to approach Angad upon learning of his regained consciousness, but her path is obstructed by Seerat, who insists that Sahiba is not allowed to meet Angad. Seerat blames Sahiba for Angad’s current condition. However, Sahiba reminds Seerat that she is Angad’s legally wedded wife. Seerat counters by stating that the responsibility of keeping Sahiba away from Angad was entrusted to her by the Brar family. In response, Sahiba queries whether Angad himself desires this separation. At that moment, Angad calls out for Sahiba, prompting her to hasten to his side. Angad expresses his apologies to Sahiba, leaving her puzzled as she inquires about the reason for his apology.

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