Teri Meri Doriyaann

Teri Meri Doriyaann 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Angad awakening, his eyes scanning the room for Sahiba, only to find her absent. In the meantime, Pam contacts Angad, urgently informing him that their international clients are en route. Angad assures her that he will join them shortly.

Sahiba arrives at a fine arts college, seeking information about the admission process. Approaching a lady, she inquires about the impending deadline. The lady reveals that today marks the final day for admissions and directs Sahiba to obtain an application form. Agreeing to the lady’s instructions, Sahiba heads towards the designated area. However, upon reaching the reception, she is informed that all forms have been distributed. Just as Sahiba prepares to leave, her eyes catch sight of a stray form lying on the floor. Promptly notifying the receptionist, she manages to secure the last remaining form. Anxious to share her news, Sahiba reaches out to Angad, yet her call goes unanswered. Undeterred, she contacts Pam, who relays that Angad is currently engaged in a meeting. Determined to inform the Brar family about her decision, Sahiba sets her resolve.

Akaal and Jabjyot peruse the morning newspaper, stumbling upon an article highlighting the Brar family’s upcoming function. Filled with admiration, they commend Sahiba for her exceptional handling of various situations.

Jasleen queries Seerat regarding her conversation with Garry regarding a previous matter. Seerat confirms that she spoke with Garry but reveals his disinterest in embracing fatherhood.

Sahiba approaches the Brar family with her desire to join a fine arts college and pursue her dreams. Manveer, upon hearing this, shares his thoughts on Sahiba’s decision. Akaal intervenes, attempting to persuade Sahiba to reconsider and abandon her educational pursuits. Akaal also reminds Sahiba of the words spoken by Menaka. In response, Sahiba acknowledges that Menaka’s words actually inspired her to enroll in college and follow her dreams.

Just then, Veer arrives and defends Sahiba, questioning Akaal about whether women are not entitled to pursue their aspirations. Manveer makes another remark directed at Sahiba. Seizing the opportunity, Manveer grabs the documents from Sahiba and tries to set them on fire. Sahiba quickly acts to extinguish the flames, prompting Angad to inquire about the commotion and inquire about the situation.

Sahiba explains to Angad what has transpired and why she was attempting to stop the fire. Angad, upon hearing Sahiba’s explanation, puts an end to the fire. He turns to his family and questions their objections to Sahiba’s desire to study. Angad takes Sahiba’s side, expressing his support by signing her college admission form. Akaal sarcastically praises Sahiba, remarking that this is the first time Angad has opposed him, and then leaves the scene.

Jabjyot, seizing the moment, presents an ultimatum to Sahiba and Angad. She states that if Sahiba cannot fulfill her duties as a Brar family daughter-in-law, she must give up her studies. Sahiba and Angad, accepting Jabjyot’s condition, agree to her terms.

[Episode End]

Precap : Angad informs Sahiba about the scheduled visit of significant clients at 4 pm that evening and requests her to prepare herself. Sahiba expresses her concern, stating that she has her college entrance examination on the same day. Angad reminds Sahiba about Jabjyut’s situation, emphasizing the importance of their presence. Despite her exam, Sahiba assures Angad that she will manage to be there on time.

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