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Teri Meri Doriyaann 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene opens with Garry approaching Sahiba, inquiring if she plans to congratulate him. Sahiba responds by remarking that Garry attained everything effortlessly and thus doesn’t deserve any congratulations. Garry, in turn, comments that he will behave appropriately in front of Angad and Sahiba to avoid being thrown out again if he makes any mistakes. Sahiba reminds Garry that his presence in the house is solely due to Seerat’s acceptance of their marriage, and she urges him to take care of Seerat. Jasleen interjects, stating that there’s no need for Sahiba to worry about Seerat as it is Garry’s responsibility. Sahiba makes a final comment before departing from the scene.

Akaal assigns Angad and Sahiba the responsibility of overseeing Garry and Seerat’s marriage. Akaal expresses hope that Sahiba will fulfill this responsibility, to which Sahiba agrees.

Santosh and Sukhi ji arrive at the Gurudwara to offer their prayers to God. In the meantime, Angad and Sahiba also come to the Gurudwara seeking divine blessings. As fate would have it, Santosh encounters Babaji, a revered spiritual figure. Overwhelmed with reverence, Santosh seeks Babaji’s blessings and expresses gratitude for the events unfolding as predicted. Acknowledging Santosh’s words, Babaji affirms their accuracy.

Intrigued about the future of her daughters, Santosh gathers the courage to ask Babaji for insights. However, Babaji cryptically advises against keeping fire and oil together, cautioning that such a combination can lead to the destruction of everything. Mysteriously, Babaji departs without further elaboration, leaving Santosh perplexed.

Sukhi ji ponders over Babaji’s words and connects them to the relationship between Seerat and Angad, as Angad had once harbored affection for Seerat. Sukhi ji suggests that they should intervene and halt the impending marriage, assuming it to be the potential source of the problem. However, Santosh disagrees, asserting that if any issues arise, Sahiba will handle them with care and resolve.

Amidst this dilemma, Manveer presents her reservations, expressing her belief that the marriage should not proceed. Akaal inquires about the reason behind Manveer’s concerns, seeking clarification. Just as Manveer attempts to explain her reasoning, Jasleen interjects and appeals to Manveer not to disrupt the wedding plans. Angad arrives at the scene and reminds everyone to prepare for the upcoming marriage.

Upon hearing Angad’s words, Prabjyot decides to choose a new dress for the occasion, while Jasleen volunteers to assist her.

Sahiba questions Manveer about why she didn’t express her own thoughts, emphasizing that she also disagrees with the marriage. She urges Manveer to put a stop to the wedding. Inder arrives and makes a remark about his own family, stating that he has decided not to be involved in the marriage. Disturbed by the situation, Sahiba leaves the scene. Manveer confides in Inder, expressing his concern about Angad’s well-being if Seerat enters their household, considering Angad’s past affection for her.

Santosh expresses a hope that no further troubles will arise in the context of this marriage. Kirat comments on Seerat, reminding Santosh that marrying someone like Garry will never bring Seerat true happiness. Santosh responds to Kirat’s statement, expressing her happiness due to Sahiba’s presence, assuring Seerat that she will be well taken care of. However, Seerat asserts that there is another person who will look after her, namely Angad.

Sahiba contacts Kulche and mentions that Mr. Oberoi had approached her for a hotel renovation project, which she declined. Sahiba requests Kulche to call Mr. Oberoi and inform him that she is now ready to undertake the work. She informs Kulche that they need to collect at least Rs. 4 Lakhs to convince Mr. Chawla to repay the debt, asking for more time. Kulche agrees to her request.

Santosh assists Seerat in preparing for the wedding while Ajith arrives and advises Seerat to take a moment to appreciate their current home, as they might not be residing there once she moves to the Brar mansion. Ajith informs Seerat that Mr. Chawla has given them until 2 o’clock to vacate the premises. Concerned, Santosh suggests that Ajith should speak with Chawla, but Ajith reveals that Sahiba has already attempted to do so without success.

Jabjyot hands over a Chunri to Sahiba, instructing her to give it to Seerat. Sahiba takes this opportunity to inquire whether Garry will ever be capable of caring for Seerat as Angad had hoped. Jabjyot remains silent upon hearing this question. Sahiba’s phone rings, and it’s Kirat on the line. Kirat relays the shocking news that Mr. Chawla has set a deadline of 2 o’clock for them to vacate the premises. Sahiba is left stunned by this revelation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Seerat fondly remembers the heartfelt promise Angad made to her during their wedding ceremony, assuring her that he would always be there to protect and cherish her. As she witnesses Garry and herself exchange sacred vows, Angad’s mind drifts back to the memories of his own wedding with Sahiba. The image of Sahiba and himself taking the sacred Phere resurfaces in Angad’s thoughts, accompanied by the recollection of seeking divine blessings together after their union.

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