Suhaagan 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With a captivating scene unfolding at Bindiya’s residence. A menacing goon attempts to restrain Payal, provoking her to let out piercing screams. Threatening Bindiya and Krishna, the goons demand their immediate appearance. Meanwhile, Krishna’s father embarks on a frantic search throughout the village, desperately trying to locate his missing son. Overwhelmed with sorrow, he sheds tears, feeling helpless in his quest to find Krishna. Unexpectedly, Bindiya swiftly hurls a handful of mirchi powder into the goons’ eyes, diverting their attention.

Although Bindiya and Krishna successfully escape from the room, they fail to lock the door behind them. Seizing the opportunity, the lead goon forcefully pulls the door from the other side. Thinking on her feet, Bindiya hurls burning charcoal at his leg, causing him to falter, allowing her to lock the door. Hastily making their way out, Bindiya and her team encounter yet another goon blocking their path. This formidable assailant brandishes a sharp knife, menacingly threatening them. Bindiya valiantly attempts to fight off the goons, but in the process, her hand gets cut. The goons pursue them relentlessly as they flee, struggling to catch up. Bindiya’s hand continues to bleed profusely. Payal and Krishna try their best to tend to her wound, while Bindiya ventures to ascertain whether the goons are still in pursuit.

Krishna is instructed to vacate the premises by Payal. Once again, he finds himself pursued by the gangsters. Meanwhile, his parents persist in their devotion to God, praying for their child’s well-being. Amidst the chaotic altercation, Krishna is suddenly apprehended by the goons, and he desperately struggles to break free from their clutches. One of them strikes him forcefully with a hefty stick, causing him to lose consciousness. Krishna collapses to the ground as Bindiya cries out for help, but their pleas go unanswered. Eventually, Bindiya and Payal manage to admit Krishna to the hospital. Although he is initially taken to a village hospital, the doctor advises them to transfer him to a city hospital for further treatment.

While Bindiya goes inside the hospital to tend to her injured hand, Payal questions Krishna about where he had been. Unfortunately, Krishna cannot recollect anything. The doctor explains that he is still in a traumatized state, clarifying the reasons behind his current condition. However, the doctor assures Payal that Krishna will recover soon, offering a glimmer of hope. The discharge papers are prepared in the meantime. Suddenly, Krishna’s parents arrive at the hospital, expressing their gratitude to Payal for saving their son’s life. As a token of their appreciation, they also offer Payal some money. Overwhelmed with joy and fulfillment, Payal feels a deep sense of contentment.

Before Bindiya returns, Krishna’s parents take him away from the hospital. When Bindiya learns the truth, she feels immense sadness and disappointment. Memories of Krishna’s helpful and friendly nature flood her mind, intensifying her sorrow, especially since she doesn’t even know his name. Payal, however, chooses not to reveal her extraordinary gift. The two sisters return home, but Bindiya imposes three conditions on Payal before granting her forgiveness. Eventually, they reconcile and embrace each other, vowing to never hide anything from one another. Despite the promise, Payal still conceals the money from Bindiya.

[Episode End]

Precap : After several years have passed, when Payal and Bindiya have aged considerably, a chance encounter brings Bindiya face to face with Krishna. Despite their shared history, neither of them recognizes the other. Unbeknownst to Bindiya, Krishna is now in a committed relationship with Payal. In a case of mistaken identity, Krishna inadvertently addresses Bindiya, but remains unable to recognize her.

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