Suhaagan 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with a heated altercation between Madan and Banshi. Rekha, in front of the villagers, accuses Banshi of being a molester. Despite Banshi’s attempts to present his side of the story, Rekha feigns ignorance of ever knowing Banshi. Banshi desperately tries to provide evidence, but even Madan denies any knowledge of Banshi, leaving him bewildered. The commotion catches the attention of Payal, who becomes curious about the fight, assuming Madan is being attacked. However, Bindiya prevents her from going there, citing pending household chores.

Bindiya and Payal return to the house, only to find Rampeyari tied up and the lock broken. They fear that a thief may have targeted their house once again. Meanwhile, Bhim, Fulmati, Madan, and Rekha are in a rented house. Fulmati taunts Rekha for her unpredictable nature, infuriating her. The two of them resume their argument, but Madan intervenes to mediate. Madan instills hope in them by mentioning a forthcoming fortune, which brings immense joy as they anticipate the properties becoming theirs soon.

When Madan displays confidence in his decision, it instills fear in Fulmati, who marvels at Bindiya’s unparalleled self-confidence in overcoming difficulties. However, Madan belittles her power and undermines her potential. In a twisted alliance, Bindiya joins forces with them. Despite Bindiya’s thorough investigation, she finds no trace of the thief, confirming that nothing has been stolen from the house.

Initially, Bindiya struggles to find a way to earn two hundred rupees per day. However, Dadi gives her hope. Determined, Bindiya decides to make and sell Papad. She diligently prepares the flour and follows Dadi’s instructions to make it perfectly. Bindiya asks Dadi and Payal to keep quiet. Taking advantage of their slumber, Bindiya continues making the remaining papads. As the moon fades away, she completes her work.

Meanwhile, Madan, Fulmati, Bhim, and Rekha conspire to hinder Bindiya’s progress. They indulge in drinking and mindless chatter, boasting about themselves while intoxicated. Fulmati yearns to be as beautiful as Rekha, who begins applying makeup and fixes her eyebrows. Overjoyed with her newfound beauty, Rekha starts dancing with the others. In the dead of night, Madan instructs Fulmati and Bhim to keep an eye on Bindiya and Payal.

The next morning, Dadi prays for Bindiya’s success but finds her nowhere to be found. Bindiya goes to collect milk from Rampeyari to sell, leaving Payal disappointed as she has to go to school. Bindiya heads to the market and notices a shopkeeper firing his staff. Seizing an opportunity, Bindiya asks him to fire her instead. Meanwhile, Bhim and Fulmati arrive at Bindiya’s home. Spotting the papads, Bhim is ordered to pour water on them. Obliging, Bhim empties two buckets of water onto the papads.

[Episode End]

Precap : The shopkeeper decides to employ Bindiya in the account section. Bindiya is engrossed in her tasks. Later that evening, Rekha and Madan sneak into the shop with the intention to steal. However, just as they enter, Bindiya happens to arrive at the shop.

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