Suhaagan 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Bindiya’s friend, Semaa, approaching her at school and inquiring about Payal. Bindiya proceeds to describe the luxurious lifestyle that Payal is enjoying at her uncle’s house, which astonishes all her friends. They have never heard of things like cartoons and noodles before. After sharing this information, Bindiya leaves her friends and sits under a tree to open her tiffin box. While she sits there, she overhears them discussing her decision not to visit the town, calling it foolish. They express their jealousy towards Payal’s luck and how she is enjoying her time there.

Meanwhile, at Madan’s house, Payal asks him to send her back to her own house. However, Rekha scolds Payal and refuses to help her return home. In fact, Rekha tries to throw Payal out of their house. Payal is shocked by this but remains firm in her decision to leave. She gathers her belongings and prepares to depart. Madan attempts to dissuade her, warning her about the cruel world outside their house, but Payal pays no heed and leaves with her backpack.

On the other hand, Bindiya arrives at the field where she was assigned to cut the crops. She recalls the wise words of her Dadi but is unsure about the tools she should use or the proper technique for cutting the crops. Nevertheless, armed with a sharp knife, she begins the task. Despite accidentally cutting her hand, she doesn’t stop and continues her work, reminiscing about her old days and singing a song. By evening, she manages to cut most of the crops, but the entire day has passed by.

Payal roams through the town, desperately trying to find her way home. She approaches a lady, requesting her phone to call Bindiya, but encounters no assistance from anyone. The expressions on the faces of some passersby only intensify Payal’s fear. She dashes from one street to another, unable to trust anyone. However, her anxiety fades when a few strangers appear, offering their help to Payal.

Rekha raises her voice, admonishing Madan who appears anxious about Payal. Madan scolds Rekha for her foolishness, but she remains obstinate, expressing her confidence that Payal will indeed return home, knowing Payal’s nature. Just as Rekha finishes her statement, Payal arrives at her uncle’s house. She is instructed to wash the dishes, which leaves her feeling downcast. Madan acknowledges Payal’s intelligence, while Rekha emphasizes that Payal should refrain from calling her village.

Meanwhile, Bindiya goes to Rampyari’s place to collect some milk, only to find that the cow isn’t yielding any. Undeterred, Bindiya proceeds to the kitchen and begins cooking, multitasking by reading her homework simultaneously. Unexpectedly, her copy gets stained by a spot of turmeric powder. Fulmati and Bhim burst into laughter, mocking Bindiya upon witnessing her unfortunate predicament.

The following morning, Dadi inquires of Bindiya the reason behind her tears. Bindiya vents her frustration, admitting her failures in every test. She reflects on Dadi’s past hard work for their sake, feeling remorseful. Dadi reassures her, explaining that in childhood, children are meant to enjoy their lives without the burden of working for their elders. Bindiya holds onto the hope that one day she will master cooking impeccably. Offering the prepared food to Dadi, she then departs.

In the meantime, Fulmati arrives, reminding Bindiya of their arrangement. Consequently, Payal unpacks her belongings once again. Madan instructs Payal to relocate to another room. Seizing the opportunity, Madan and Rekha commence their conspiratorial discussion. Payal reminisces about her cherished memories of the past and comprehends her mistakes. Yearning for assistance, she attempts to capture the attention of a passerby through the window, eventually managing to summon a man.

[Episode End]

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