Suhaagan 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Krishna desperately urging Payal to unlock her room door, warning her that he will enter forcefully if she doesn’t comply. However, Payal adamantly refuses. Soon, she hears Krishna’s attempts to open the door, prompting her to feign tears. Succumbing to her act, Krishna unlocks the door and steps inside. He immediately embraces Payal while admonishing her for her previous actions, expressing his disapproval of her lighthearted jest about his marriage. In response, Payal pretends to be deeply hurt by his words and portrays herself as an orphan in a bid to elicit sympathy from Krishna. Moved by her emotional display, Krishna takes hold of Payal’s hand and pledges to demonstrate his love for her, leaving Payal feeling perplexed.

Meanwhile, Bindiya assures Mr. Shukla that she will find a solution to help him, determined to rescue him from his predicament. She resolves to reach out to Master Ji for assistance. However, as she tries to contact him, Bindiya encounters difficulties due to poor network connectivity, causing her to grow increasingly anxious. Simultaneously, Krishna drives away with Payal in his car, their path intersecting with Bindiya’s as they pass her on the road. Payal becomes apprehensive upon noticing the name of their destination, while Bindiya becomes worried about her inability to communicate with Master Ji. Curious about their whereabouts, Payal questions Krishna regarding their sudden journey to Chiraya. Bringing the car to a halt, Krishna inquires how Payal came to know about Chiraya. Payal fabricates a story about seeing the name on a signboard, before reiterating her inquiry about their destination. Observing Bindiya’s approach towards their car, Payal becomes alert upon hearing the sound of a vehicle approaching from behind. Reacting swiftly, Krishna informs Payal that he intends to substantiate his love for her, leaving Payal pondering over his words while she gazes at him in anticipation.

Bindiya seeks the assistance of a driver to transport Mr. Shukla to the hospital. Meanwhile, Phoolmati discovers a potential suitor for Amy and proceeds to inform a broker about her daughter’s qualities. However, the broker misunderstands Phoolmati’s intentions and assumes she is looking for a groom for Bindiya due to her being the elder sister. Phoolmati reprimands the broker and clarifies that she wants to find a groom for her own daughter. The broker agrees to help and departs.

Dadi advises Phoolmati that Bindiya should be married first, but Phoolmati refuses, arguing that she is the one who earns money for the family. Dadi scolds Phoolmati, who responds with mockery before leaving. Dadi becomes worried. In the meantime, Payal requests Krishna to take her to the temple. Krishna contacts the priest and informs him that they want to get married immediately, urging him to make the necessary arrangements. Payal is taken aback and suggests they should get married in the presence of Krishna’s family to avoid upsetting or saddening them. Krishna insists that Payal will be the one who gets upset if their marriage is delayed. He also resolves to sacrifice his wealth for Payal. Worried, Payal manages to convince Krishna not to marry right away. Krishna swears upon God that he will marry Payal, and she joyfully embraces him.

Bindiya admits Mr. Shukla to the hospital and is shocked when the doctor requests payment for the medical expenses. Although worried, Bindiya reluctantly agrees to pay. Meanwhile, Phoolmati waits for Bindiya’s return. When Bindiya arrives home, she discreetly takes the property papers without the knowledge of others. Amy notices Bindiya’s deception and decides to investigate the reason behind it.

Krishna takes Payal to a dhaba (roadside eatery) and discusses the prospect of introducing her to his family. Payal, once again, pretends to be an orphan in front of Krishna. They proceed to order dinner, and Krishna kindly treats a young boy who works at the dhaba to a meal. Payal admires Krishna’s generosity and expresses her admiration. Meanwhile, an elderly gentleman praises Bindiya for mortgaging her land to help an unknown individual. Later, Bindiya becomes anxious due to Mr. Shukla’s lack of improvement and the fact that Payal is ignoring her calls.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bindiya converses with an incapacitated Mr. Shukla as he gradually regains consciousness. Simultaneously, Payal becomes anxious as Krishna notices her at the bus station.

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