Suhaagan 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the devastating destruction of Bindiya and Payal’s crop field, consumed by merciless flames. As they stand before the inferno, witnessing their hard work reduced to ashes, a profound silence engulfs Bindiya. Memories of her tireless efforts in nurturing that very field flood her mind. Rendered speechless, Bindiya finds solace in the comforting presence of Masterji, who urges her to remain composed amidst the turmoil.

Payal, overwhelmed with worry, observes the relentless incineration of their crops. In a desperate attempt to douse the flames, Bindiya frantically runs, searching for a solution that eludes her. With no alternative in sight, Payal stands by her side, urging her to hold herself together in the face of despair. The villagers, driven by their genuine concern, wholeheartedly join forces to combat the ravenous fire, yet their valiant efforts prove futile against its relentless onslaught.

In the midst of the chaos, someone mentions the conspicuous absence of Fulmati and Bhim, questioning why they have not come forward. Together, they unmask the true faces of the malevolent forces at play. Masterji, understanding the gravity of the situation, implores Bindiya and Payal to return home, assuring them that the villagers will spare no effort in quelling the flames. Overwhelmed by guilt, Bindiya blames herself for neglecting the field, unaware that destiny had other plans.

Here, Fulmati and Bhim anxiously anticipate the arrival of Bindiya and Payal with long faces. Bhim irritates them by bombarding them with nonsensical questions. Finally, Bindiya and Payal enter the house, clearly upset. Fulmati and Bhim pretend to be fast asleep, trying to avoid any interaction. Both of them feel annoyed and unsettled to see Payal back in the house, puzzled as to how she managed to come from Madan’s place. Meanwhile, Banshi requests more ice for his drinks. This request leaves Madan and his wife feeling insulted. Madan even threatens Banshi by mentioning his connections with some unsavory characters. Inside the kitchen, Rekha notices a sharp knife, her anger mounting. Despite her frustration, she reluctantly fetches some ice for Banshi. Banshi inquires about Payal’s whereabouts, seeking information. Rekha fabricates a lie to Banshi, claiming that Payal is asleep. Banshi is instructed to refrain from disturbing her, and he exits the scene.

Here, Bindiya and Payal recount the incident of their cultivated field being set ablaze right in front of their house. Dadi attributes their misfortune to fate and even questions the fairness of a higher power. Bindiya suspects that someone intentionally started the fire on their field. Dadi is unable to comprehend who could have committed such a crime. Fulmati and Bhim find solace in the fact that Payal has already exposed Madan’s true character. Payal narrates the mistreatment and constant torture she endured at the hands of Rekha and Madan. Upon hearing their conversation, Fulmati highlights their miserable condition and urges her mother not to trust Bindiya. She also warns Dadi that Bindiya will eventually bring destruction upon them.

Fulmati, once again innocently, suggests selling the field as they all need money. Bindiya glares at Fulmati in anger. Fulmati continues to present her logical arguments for selling the property. Bindiya is urged to ponder more and make a decision. After some time, Bindiya finally agrees to sell the field and informs Fulmati of her decision. Fulmati smirks with satisfaction. However, Dadi and Payal intervene, explaining that it’s not the right time to sell the field. Bindiya reminisces about the happier days of her past and apologizes to her deceased parents. Fulmati consoles her and presents a tempting offer. Bindiya reluctantly agrees to it.

After Banshi’s departure, Rekha spirals into despair and contemplates taking her own life. She douses herself in inflammable oil and sets it ablaze. However, just in the nick of time, Madan rushes in to prevent her from harming herself. Despite his valiant efforts, Rekha angrily berates him, blaming him for failing to preserve the dignity of his own wife. Unable to provide a satisfactory response, Madan finds himself at a loss for words.

Overwhelmed by her own misfortune, Rekha breaks down in tears. When Madan attempts to boost his confidence, Rekha cruelly insults him, accusing him of betraying her. Determined to escape her troubles, Rekha boldly announces her intention to return to her mother’s house.

In a desperate bid to stop her, Madan pleads with Rekha, but she firmly declares that she will not return unless he repays the debt owed to Banshi.

[Episode End]

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