Suhaagan 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with a confrontation between Phoolmati and Madan, with Bhim and Rekha attempting to intervene and separate them. Suddenly, the arrival of police officers catches Bhim and Rekha off guard, and their attempts to escape are in vain as they are apprehended. The inspector begins questioning Phoolmati regarding her alleged harassment of Bindiya. Phoolmati cunningly feigns innocence and accuses Madan of troubling Bindiya instead. This accusation prompts Madan and Rekha to counter-accuse both Phoolmati and Bhim of being responsible for Bindiya’s troubles.

Meanwhile, Dadi expresses her gratitude towards Bindiya for accompanying her to the temple. As they return, they notice the heated argument between Madan and Phoolmati. Phoolmati tries to shift the blame entirely onto Madan. Payal intervenes and urges the inspector not to let Madan and Phoolmati go unpunished. Bindiya reprimands Payal for her outburst, while the inspector assures both Bindiya and Payal of their safety. He then instructs Madan and Phoolmati to accompany them to the police station, leaving them shocked and taken aback.

The police forcefully escort Madan, Phoolmati, and their partners to the police station after they confess to their crimes. Bindiya questions Payal’s satisfaction with the arrest, but Payal insists that they deserve it and suggests celebrating. Later, Bindiya and Payal joyfully dance while their Dadi watches with a smile.

Inside the police station, Bhim and Madan endure a beating from the cops, leaving Phoolmati and Rekha frightened. Phoolmati expresses her concern for Bhim, but a lady constable slaps her. Madan and Bhim plead with the inspector, promising not to trouble Bindiya anymore.

Bhim receives a call from his mother and urges Phoolmati to visit her, emphasizing that they might lose out on financial support otherwise. Meanwhile, Rekha decides to leave Madan, which deeply shocks him.

Dadi wakes up Bindiya and reminds her of the fresh start they are about to embark on. Bindiya prays to God, marks the date in the calendar, and assures Dadi that this day won’t be forgotten. Dadi smiles. Later, Bindiya happily engages in her work while Payal wakes up and goes to school. Bindiya feels saddened by the state of the land, while Payal plays with her friends.

At night, Master teaches Bindiya, who happily studies. After a few days, the teacher scolds Payal for not following instructions, which upsets Bindiya. She expresses her concerns about the low water supply to an uncle before attending Master Ji’s class, much to the displeasure of Master Ji’s wife.

Bindiya arrives home and starts preparing dinner while Payal plays. The next day, Bindiya informs others that their water supply has completely stopped. A man suggests approaching Lallan, responsible for the matter. Bindiya decides to join the group to meet Lallan.

In school, Payal becomes irritated when the teacher scolds her for not focusing on studies and praises Bindiya instead. Meanwhile, Bindiya and the others meet Lallan, who reveals that someone hasn’t paid the water tax, causing the entire community to suffer. In school, Payal’s new classmate from Kanpur arrives, and Payal attempts to gain her attention but fails, leading to her frustration. In the field, Lallan accuses Bindiya of not paying the water tax. Bindiya questions Lallan, provoking his anger. A man enlightens Bindiya about the importance of paying the water tax, and she agrees to do so. Lallan assures that once Bindiya pays, everyone will receive water.

In school, Payal intimidates her classmates in a desperate attempt to gain attention, particularly from Amy, but ends up feeling upset when Amy ignores her. Amy silently agrees with her mother’s opinion about Payal. Meanwhile, Lallan contacts a mysterious man and reminds him of the promise regarding Bindiya. The mysterious man assures Lallan and callously throws a knife at a photo of Bindiya and Payal.

[Episode End]

Precap : Payal becomes disheartened by her appearance and decides to approach Bindiya in the hope of receiving financial assistance for a makeover. Disappointingly, Bindiya expresses her inability to provide the requested funds, leaving Payal feeling even more upset. Consequently, Payal resolves not to offer any help to Bindiya in the future, particularly after her own financial circumstances improve.

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