Suhaagan 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With a time jump of ten years. One of the girls is seen preparing for a ride, while another person joyfully comments on seeing her as a bride. The other girls inform them that the groom’s family is on their way. As they observe a guy dancing with the baarat, they decide to approach him, while the groom wonders about the identity of the dancing guy.

One of the bride’s friends introduces herself to the dancing guy and asks about him. He extends his hand, and a girl takes it. They share a long gaze, capturing each other’s attention. Payal and Krishna both introduce themselves to the girl, teasing her playfully. However, this teasing angers the girl, and she abruptly leaves.

Payal reminds Krishna of their purpose for participating in this wedding. After a while, Payal expresses her happiness to Krishna for being able to enjoy the snack she desired. Krishna becomes delighted and jokingly takes credit for it. Payal playfully reminds Krishna that he belongs to her alone and no one else. Krishna smiles in response.

Krishna engages with the wedding guests, while Payal observes him from a distance. Contemplating her departure, she is intercepted by Krishna, who insists that this is how they should interact with people at a wedding. Payal expresses her concern about protecting Krishna not only from young girls but also from older women. Krishna reassures her, dismissing any worries, and playfully lifts Payal into his arms. In a lighthearted manner, he mentions the idea of marriage. However, Payal reminds him that marriage is a serious commitment. She then shares her anxiety about her exam results and speculates that Krishna’s parents must be searching for a suitable bride for him. Krishna playfully teases her, but his jesting upsets Payal, prompting her to leave. Worried, Krishna follows her.

On a bus, an elderly man attempts to strike up a conversation with a young woman but discovers that she is married. Undeterred, he tries to engage with other young girls. One of the girls complains to her mother about the man’s behavior. Eventually, the man reveals his identity and explains that he is seeking a potential bride for his son. Observing that Mr. Shukla is wealthy, the young woman apologizes to him after noticing his luxurious car. Mr. Shukla reminds her of the change in her behavior upon recognizing his wealth and departs.

Mr. Shukla ponders where he can find a suitable bride for his son Krishna. His driver assures him that when the time is right, a bride will be found for Krishna. Meanwhile, a girl is seen riding a bicycle with a young girl encouraging her to go faster. They both tumble into the mud, and the young girl praises Bindiya, her companion. Meanwhile, Mr. Shukla describes the qualities he seeks in a bride for his son.

Krishna grows frustrated with Payal’s behavior and discovers her earrings on the road. He repeatedly calls her, but Payal intentionally ignores his calls as a way to teach him a lesson. Bindiya calls Payal and inquires about her return home. Payal becomes irritated by Bindiya’s incessant chatter and informs her that she will be returning the next day. Bindiya expresses her joy. Krishna continues to call Payal, and she accidentally drops her phone, causing both Bindiya and Krishna’s lines to connect. They struggle to comprehend each other’s words and Payal ends the call, realizing the blunder she made.

Bindiya witnesses a group of thugs attacking Mr. Shukla. She frightens them off, forcing them to retreat. However, Mr. Shukla sustains injuries and loses consciousness. Bindiya feels powerless and becomes deeply concerned for his well-being.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bindiya made the decision to reach out to Master Ji for assistance regarding Mr. Shukla. Payal was taken aback when Krishna headed towards her village. Krishna confronted her with inquiries. Meanwhile, on the road, Bindiya halted Payal and Krishna’s car to lend a hand to Mr. Shukla.

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