Suhaagan 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Baldev announcing to his family that he has selected a girl named Bindiya as a potential match for Krishna. Curious about Baldev’s sudden decision, Krishna inquires about his injuries and expresses his concern. Baldev reveals that his accident led him to meet Bindiya, to which Krishna playfully laughs and asks if he is alright. Observing the situation, Vikram and Sakshi wonder what is transpiring with Krishna. Asserting his independence, Krishna firmly tells Baldev that it is his life and he will make the decision regarding his marriage. Frustrated with his parents’ interference, he complains about their annoying behavior and abruptly leaves. Baldev, feeling upset and angry, retreats to his room, leaving Indu caught in the middle. Sakshi consoles Indu, trying to alleviate her worries.

Meanwhile, Payal is traveling back to her hometown accompanied by her friend Sarah on a bus. Krishna calls her and recounts his unsuccessful encounter with his parents. He also confesses that he misses Payal. Payal reciprocates the sentiment and asks if he has discussed their marriage with his parents. Irritated by her persistence, Krishna asks Payal not to bother him and abruptly ends the call, leaving Payal perplexed. As the bus reaches Payal’s hometown, she is welcomed by Bindiya and a group of children. Bindiya instructs the kids, who willingly follow her guidance.

Children play the dhol and dance in front of the bus while Bindiya joins them, and Payal alights from the bus. Bindiya warmly embraces Payal, overjoyed to see her. Payal reveals that she actually came from Lucknow, not London, surprising Bindiya. Payal then sternly instructs the kids to stop dancing, and they obediently halt their music and dancing. Bindiya expresses her admiration for the children and the musician before bidding them farewell. She expresses her happiness at Payal’s return to their hometown.

Bindiya tries to lift Payal’s bag, but Payal insists that it has wheels and she can manage it herself. Payal walks away with the trolley, leaving Bindiya astonished. Bindiya curiously asks Payal how she acquired such an expensive trolley. Payal becomes tense and explains that she won it in a debate competition at college. Bindiya is surprised and starts questioning Payal about her college life. Irritated, Payal claims to be tired and urges Bindiya to go to the house. Bindiya complies.

Meanwhile, Krishna recalls Baldev’s words and feels upset. Indu brings food for Krishna, but he refuses to eat and expresses his discontent with Baldev’s behavior. He confides in Indu that he has no interest in marrying an uneducated girl. Indu assures Krishna of her unwavering support, which brings him joy. Meanwhile, Vikram and Sakshi speculate whether Krishna will agree to marry the girl chosen by Baldev. They hold different opinions and make a bet on the outcome.

Payal meets Dadi, who believes that Bindiya is finally happy with Payal’s return. Bindiya proudly shows Payal the room decorations, although Payal secretly dislikes them but pretends to approve. Phoolmati informs Bindiya that she and Rose will sleep in the room that was arranged for Payal. Rose tries to act friendly toward Payal, but Payal insults her and even threatens both Phoolmati and Rose, causing them to leave the room. Bindiya is pleased with the turn of events. In the Shukla household, Baldev expresses his disappointment with his family members and cites it as the reason he chose Bindiya as his daughter-in-law. Krishna shocks Baldev by revealing that Payal will be the new daughter-in-law. Baldev is taken aback, while Sakshi appears curious.

[Episode End]

Precap : Baldev’s unexpected marriage proposal left Bindiya utterly stunned, the shock evident on her face. In the midst of it all, Payal took it upon herself to reassure Krishna that she would undoubtedly make a lasting impression on his family.

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