Suhaagan 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Madan confronting Bindiya for rescuing him from Sarpan Ji. Bindiya recounts her father’s advice to focus on victory and departs. Subsequently, Dadi expresses concern for Bindiya and deems it impossible for her to earn the necessary money. She fears that if Bindiya fails, Madan and Phoolmati will emerge victorious in the challenge. Payal, reflecting on her own hardships, confides in her parents’ photo album about the siblings’ malicious actions and questions their absence in this dire situation. Gazing at the photo frame, she manages to smile, finding a glimmer of hope.

Meanwhile, Madan pretends not to hear Phoolmati’s voice during a phone call and confides in Rekha, explaining his motive behind the charade – he wishes to avoid detection by Sarpan Ji. Bindiya becomes disheartened upon receiving only half of her expected salary. She implores the supervisor to assign her a night shift as well, but the latter insists she come back the following day. Distressed, Bindiya leaves the premises.

On her way back home, Bindiya’s disappointment grows as she counts the money she has earned. Madan follows her and relays the information to Phoolmati. Phoolmati assures Madan that Sarpan Ji won’t thwart their plan this time. Madan expresses his happiness at joining forces with Phoolmati.

Later, Bindiya heads to the temple, piquing Madan’s curiosity about her intentions. Phoolmati explains to him that Bindiya must be going to the temple because she hasn’t completed her task yet. Meanwhile, Phoolmati notices Payal leaving the house discreetly, all covered up, and wonders where she’s off to. Madan asks Phoolmati to keep an eye on Payal while he monitors Bindiya. Phoolmati agrees.

Payal pledges her mother’s gold chain and receives Rs.1000 in return. She pleads with the shopkeeper not to disclose her act to anyone. The shopkeeper agrees and provides instructions on how to return the chain within three months. Payal complies and leaves. Phoolmati cunningly captures a photo of Payal and the shopkeeper, wearing a smirk on her face.

Feeling burdened by her circumstances, Bindiya questions Ambe maa for putting her in this position, despite never complaining about losing her parents and witnessing her grandmother lose the ability to walk again. She then signs a bhajan (devotional song). Meanwhile, Madan’s happiness knows no bounds as he receives the photo of Payal from Phoolmati. Phoolmati, Bhim, and Rekha express their joy to Madan, believing that this evidence is enough to incriminate Bindiya. Rekha urges Madan to return home, and he complies.

Bindiya pleaded fervently with Ambe Maa, beseeching her for assistance in her desperate situation. Just as Madan made up his mind to leave, a mysterious woman appeared before him, admonishing him for his wrongful actions. Intrigued, Madan watched as the woman approached Bindiya. To his bewilderment, it seemed that Bindiya had summoned her, imploring her aid. However, Bindiya hesitated to accept help, unsure of the woman’s intentions. Sensing her hesitation, the woman earnestly expressed her need for assistance and implored Bindiya to accompany her. Reluctantly, Bindiya acquiesced, deciding to trust the enigmatic woman.

Meanwhile, Payal reassured Dadi that victory was assured, withholding any further details until Bindiya’s return. Puzzled, Dadi sought solace in prayer, seeking divine guidance. In another part of the town, a man anxiously awaited the arrival of the bhajan singers. Suddenly, the woman and Bindiya arrived at the scene. She informed the man that the expected performers were unable to make it and suggested granting Bindiya the opportunity instead. Initially resistant, the man eventually yielded to the woman’s persistent plea.

Bindiya was taken aback and filled with trepidation when she realized her voice was amplified through the microphone while singing. The onlookers burst into laughter at Bindiya’s expense. However, undeterred, the woman offered words of encouragement, inspiring Bindiya to recall her mother’s invaluable advice. Summoning her courage, Bindiya began singing the sacred songs with devotion and passion. The audience was captivated, basking in the enchanting melodies.

Later, the man rewarded Bindiya with prasad money, recognizing the value of her heartfelt performance. Overjoyed, Bindiya felt a deep sense of satisfaction knowing she had earned enough money. Grateful for the divine intervention that had sent the woman as her savior, Bindiya expressed her heartfelt thanks to God and bid farewell, her heart brimming with gratitude.

[Episode End]

Precap :

It seems like there is a situation involving multiple individuals: Bindiya, Rekha, Madan, and Payal. According to VSarpan Ji, Bindiya won a given task. However, Rekha and Madan have presented proof that Payal sold her mother’s jewelry, which has surprised and shocked everyone.

Without further context or details about the task or the significance of Payal’s actions, it’s difficult to provide a specific response or assessment of the situation. If you have any specific questions or need guidance on how to handle this situation, please provide more information, and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

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