Suhaagan 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Bindiya approaching the shopkeeper, earnestly pleading for a chance to work. Her desperate request tugs at the shopkeeper’s heart, leading him to agree to hire her for a day. Bindiya, filled with gratitude, takes charge of the shop with meticulous care, impressing the shopkeeper and bringing him joy. Unbeknownst to them, Madan and Rekha observe the entire scene from their hiding spot, concocting a devious plan to steal the shop, ultimately resulting in Bindiya’s dismissal from her newfound work opportunity.

Madan contacts Fulmati, summoning her for a crucial meeting. Soon after, the four nefarious individuals gather together, joining forces to discuss their next course of action. Madan turns to Fulmati and inquires about the shopkeeper, to which she reveals his deep affection for his shop and scooter. As expected, Fulmati and Rekha engage in their customary bickering, hurling insults at each other.

Meanwhile, Bhim and Fulmati arrive at Bindiya’s home. They encounter a tray of papads, prompting Bhim to be instructed to pour water over them. Without hesitation, Bhim empties two buckets of water onto the papads. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Bhim slips and falls to the ground. Miraculously, he manages to escape just before Dadi arrives on the scene.

Dadi expresses her sorrow over the destruction of the Papad, while Payal arrives at the house. Both of them cannot fathom how Bindiya will cope with it. Meanwhile, Madan appears at the shop in disguise, pretending to be a Muslim lady and covering himself with a Burkha. Bindiya has her doubts about him, but the shopkeeper advises her to treat the stranger properly. Taking the car key, Madan swiftly escapes on a scooter, with Bindiya desperately clutching onto it, but he manages to get away.

Later, Bindiya is instructed to lock up the store for the night, as the shopkeeper heads to the police station. Bindiya dutifully secures the storeroom and walks towards the shopkeeper’s home. He inquires if she locked the door properly, to which she nods in affirmation. He commends Bindiya for her work and, pleased with herself, she departs. Meanwhile, Madan attempts to break the shop’s lock, but Fulmati’s barking masks the suspicious noise. Unexpectedly, Bindiya happens to pass by the shop, pauses for a moment, and expresses gratitude to the shop itself. This alerts the wrongdoers, and Madan successfully breaks into the money vault.

Bindiya urges Dadi to wear a smile on her face, although Dadi remains apprehensive about how their day will unfold. Bindiya brings another plate of papad that she had kept on the roof. Meanwhile, Madan and Fulmati pilfer all the money and items from the shop, reveling in their successful endeavors. The next morning, Payal expresses her desire to accompany Bindiya. Payal is assigned the task of selling the papad at school, but she feels disheartened and reluctant, fearing it might tarnish her reputation. She comes up with several excuses, yet eventually, Payal reluctantly enters with the papad. As she arrives at the shop, she notices a crowd gathered outside. The shopkeeper berates Bindiya and dismisses her from work in a fit of anger.

[Episode End]

Precap : Payal will face mockery from the entire class when she attempts to sell the papad. Her classmates cruelly ridicule her and belittle her aspirations. Overwhelmed by the humiliation, she throws away all the papad and retreats to the comfort of her home. Bindiya, understanding her pain, attempts to console her during this difficult time. Just then, Madan, Rekha, and Payal arrive at their home.

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