Suhaagan 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Bindiya enters Mr. Shukla’s ward, filled with determination. She speaks softly to the unconscious Mr. Shukla, urging him to consider her as his family, as she is unaware of his actual relatives. Bindiya’s face lights up with joy when she notices Mr. Shukla regaining consciousness. Expressing her gratitude towards God, she quickly summons a doctor to assess his progress. The doctor confirms the positive improvement to Bindiya, who then introduces herself to Mr. Shukla in his half-conscious state, informing him that she is leaving for her home but will return shortly.

Later, Phoolmati confronts Bindiya about her overnight absence from the house. Bindiya resorts to lying and proceeds to prepare herself for the day. Phoolmati exchanges knowing glances with Roz, who cunningly locks Bindiya inside the bathroom. Bindiya is taken aback and pleads with Roz to open the door, but Phoolmati and Roz derive immense pleasure from witnessing Bindiya’s distress.

In the hospital, Mr. Shukla receives good news from the nurse that he has made a full recovery. Curious about Bindiya’s whereabouts, he asks the nurse about her. The nurse informs him that Bindiya had left but hasn’t returned yet. She advises Mr. Shukla to contact his family to complete the necessary discharge formalities. Mr. Shukla uses the nurse’s phone to call Indu. However, before Indu can answer the call, a priest advises her to focus on the puja she is conducting for her husband’s well-being. Indu heeds the priest’s advice, leaving Mr. Shukla feeling upset as no one answers his calls. Despite this, he finds solace in knowing that there is at least one person who cares for him, and a smile appears on his face.

Bindiya desperately pleads with Roz to open the door, but Phoolmati demands an explanation from Bindiya regarding the mortgaging of her land. Bindiya is shocked by the accusation. Meanwhile, Krishna requests Payal not to stay away from him and playfully teases her. Payal then mentions that it is Krishna who is leaving her, and she contemplates how she will spend her days without him by her side. Krishna assures Payal that no one will take his place and reveals his plan to marry her soon. Overwhelmed, Payal hugs him, unable to find the right words.

Bindiya implores Phoolmati to open the door, explaining that she couldn’t ignore an injured person on the road and had to mortgage her land. Roz manipulates Phoolmati against Bindiya, leading Phoolmati to leave Bindiya locked inside the washroom. Dadi scolds Phoolmati for her actions, but Phoolmati ignores her and walks away. Determined, Bindiya resolves to meet Mr. Shukla.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shukla expresses his gratitude to Eshwar, his worker and friend, for always being there for him. Although he wishes to meet Bindiya, he struggles to recall her name. However, upon hearing a song, Bindiya’s name suddenly comes to his mind. Delighted, he becomes determined to meet her, believing she would be a perfect bride for his son, Krishna.

Krishna notices Payal at the bus station and asks her where she is going. Worried, Payal lies and says she is heading to Kanpur. Krishna insists on accompanying her to Kanpur, causing further distress to Payal. Meanwhile, Mr. Shukla and Eshwar search for Bindiya. Mr. Shukla becomes increasingly upset as they fail to find her. He then prays to God for assistance and approaches Master Ji for information about Bindiya. Master Ji points out Bindiya’s house, bringing joy to Mr. Shukla as he anticipates meeting her.

Dadi pleads with Phoolmati to open the washroom door, but Phoolmati remains stubborn in her decision. Taking matters into her own hands, Bindiya escapes through the window. As fate would have it, Bindiya and Mr. Shukla pass each other without recognizing one another. Phoolmati puts on an act in front of Mr. Shukla, who mistakes Phoolmati’s daughter, Roz, for Bindiya, praising her upbringing. Meanwhile, Bindiya learns that Mr. Shukla has been discharged from the hospital and feels disappointed for missing the opportunity to meet him. Phoolmati brings Roz forward and falsely presents her as Bindiya, leaving Mr. Shukla shocked.

[Episode End]

Precap : Eshwar reassures Mr. Shukla that they will indeed discover a suitable partner for Krishna and requests him not to be disheartened. Just then, Bindiya enters the scene and affectionately addresses Mr. Shukla as Babu Ji. Meanwhile, Payal becomes anxious, fearing that Krishna might uncover her deceitful actions.

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