Suhaagan 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Phoolmati presenting Roz as Bindiya to Baldev, leaving Eshwar and Baldev astounded. Baldev expresses gratitude to Roz, but voices his doubts to Eshwar, stating that he doesn’t believe this person is the real Bindiya. Eshwar counters by saying that Bindiya’s mother can identify her. Phoolmati and Roz put on a pretense in front of Baldev, asserting that Bindiya had mortgaged the land for his treatment. Baldev assures them that he will repay the money and departs. Eshwar encourages Baldev not to lose hope and promises to find a suitable bride for Krishna. Just then, the real Bindiya arrives and greets Baldev, filling him with joy. Bindiya shares details about her visit to the hospital, leaving Baldev smiling.

Meanwhile, Krishna and Payal are en route to Kanpur. Krishna asks Payal for the address, and despite her attempts to divert his attention, she eventually provides him with one. Back at the scene, Baldev expresses his happiness at meeting the genuine Bindiya and then gazes at Phoolmati and Roz. Phoolmati becomes anxious, and she fabricates an excuse, claiming that everything she has done was not meant to disappoint Baldev. Eshwar mocks her, and Baldev assures Bindiya that he will repay the 70k she spent on his treatment. Bindiya becomes confused and clarifies to Baldev that the amount spent on his treatment was only 40k. Baldev is taken aback, while Phoolmati grows increasingly worried.

Bindiya implores Baldev to prioritize his health and assures him that there’s no rush to return the money. Baldev gazes at Phoolmati, who feigns incompetence in mathematics. Eshwar taunts her once more, provoking Phoolmati’s annoyance. Bindiya appeals to Baldev to join her in performing the aarti, as he has now recovered, fulfilling her earlier request to Ambe Maa. Baldev complies with her wish.

Baldev and Bindiya partake in the aarti together. Subsequently, Bindiya accompanies Dadi to ensure she rests. Baldev questions Phoolmati about Bindiya’s marital status and discovers that she is single. He then departs with Eshwar. Phoolmati discerns Baldev’s interest in Bindiya and resolves to accept Baldev’s proposal if he presents it for Bindiya.

Meanwhile, Payal and Krishna arrive at a house. Payal endeavors to persuade Krishna to leave before her deception is exposed, but Krishna adamantly insists on entering Payal’s residence. Worried, Payal pretends to have misplaced the house keys. However, Krishna retrieves the keys from Payal’s bag and resolves to open the door. Payal anxiously implores in her mind that her lie remains concealed from Krishna. Krishna receives a call from Eshwar, but to his surprise, Baldev is on the other end of the line. Baldev sternly instructs Krishna to return home immediately, a command Krishna agrees to. Payal breathes a sigh of relief once Krishna departs and eventually leaves the location as well.

Back at the Shukla household, Indu and Sakshi delight in their kitty party after the puja concludes. Baldev arrives and berates them, causing their friends to depart. Baldev expresses his disappointment towards his family members, prompting Indu to defend herself. This leads to a heated argument between Indu and Baldev. Baldev scolds Vikram for his irresponsibility despite being married. He then informs Indu that since she chose Vikram’s spouse, he will select Krishna’s partner. Baldev declares that he has already found a suitable girl named Bindiya. Just as Krishna enters the house, he is shocked by Baldev’s decision.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bindiya greets Payal with open arms upon her arrival back to the village. Simultaneously, Krishna firmly expresses to Indu his refusal to heed Baldev’s words.

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