Suhaagan 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with a conversation between Bindiya and Dadi. Bindiya expresses her hope of selling tea to gather enough money for Rampeyari. Dadi, on the other hand, worries about Bindiya handling everything alone. However, Bindiya assures her that she would do anything for the well-being of her family and promises to find a way to arrange the money.

Suddenly, Bindiya’s thoughts shift to how she will manage Fulmati and Bhim. Fulmati instructs Bhim to complete a task they had left unfinished, signaling their involvement in a conspiracy. Fulmati devises a plan to sleep outside, which puts Bindiya at ease. This presents Bindiya with an opportune moment to slip outside unnoticed.

After a while, Bindiya begins preparing the tea and asks Dadi if the taste is acceptable. Dadi suggests adding more sugar, and Bindiya, cleverly, places a rubber stopper in the kettle’s spout to ensure the tea remains hot.

Here, Payal’s anxiety grows as she finds herself abandoned by Rekha in the middle of the road. She frantically searches for Rekha but to no avail. Meanwhile, Rekha sets out once again to look for Payal. Payal wanders along the road, desperately trying to retrace her steps and find the exact path she took to reach the market. Unable to locate Payal anywhere, Rekha returns home, only to face Madan’s scolding. Madan chastises Rekha for her carelessness, while Rekha blames Madan for his flawed plan, sparking a heated argument between them. Determined, Madan decides to venture out alone in search of Payal.

As Payal continues her aimless wandering on the deserted road, she unwittingly attracts the attention of some malicious individuals. They hatch a sinister plot to kidnap and sell her.

Meanwhile, Bindiya steps outside, carrying a tray of tea and biscuits. Fulmati and Bhim, who have awakened by now, also set out to complete their assigned tasks. Bindiya, reminded of her mother’s words, proceeds towards the market, struggling with the weight of the tea arrangement. Suddenly, she spots her father’s bicycle and decides to use it. Riding the bicycle, memories of happier times flood Bindiya’s mind. She feels a pang of guilt for forgetting about Payal while she was in town.

Upon reaching the police officers, Bindiya is questioned about why she is working alone. Bindiya shares her unfortunate circumstances and mentions Rampeyari’s condition as well. The police officers understand the reasons behind her selling tea and Bindiya apologizes for her actions. They advise her to focus on her studies while they enjoy the tea she has brought. Bindiya’s spirits are lifted when they offer her some money, bringing her happiness.

Meanwhile, Fulmati arrives at the field and proceeds to set fire to the crops, fulfilling her assigned task.

The malicious individuals halt their vehicle and present a fabricated identification card to her. One of them steps out of the car and assures Payal that they will safely transport her back home, urging her to enter the vehicle. Unexpectedly, their attention is drawn to a police car, instilling fear within them and triggering suspicion in Payal. Realizing that they are not benevolent individuals, she unleashes a series of screams. Meanwhile, Madan dials Rekha’s number, but she informs him that Payal has not yet arrived. Concerned, Madan resolves to head back home.

[Episode End]

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