Suhaagan 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Bindiya and Payal engaging in a conversation regarding the responsibility entrusted to them. Masterji had given them a valuable item to safeguard for a night. However, Bindiya believes that it surpasses their capabilities, and she desires to return the item. On the contrary, Payal is adamant about not returning it to Masterji, and her distress leads her to tears. Eventually, Bindiya heeds her sister’s words. Reluctantly, Bindiya opens the box, revealing a video player machine. Their excitement surges upon seeing the device, and they decide to indulge in a movie-watching session.

Meanwhile, Madan joins forces with Fulmati and Bhim. Madan proceeds to explain the rules one by one. However, both Bhim and Fulmati start feeling drowsy. As Rekha begins to taunt Fulmati for her lack of attentiveness, Fulmati retaliates by calling her a makeup lady, triggering a heated argument between the two adversaries. Just as they are on the verge of engaging in a physical altercation, Madan intervenes and puts a halt to their quarrel. Regaining his composure, Madan musters up his energy and elaborates on his scheme’s rules. Having failed in his previous attempts to punish Bindiya through individual efforts, Madan suggests a collective endeavor to ensnare the two sisters. Fulmati acknowledges the plan’s merits but expresses apprehension about potential failure.

In this scenario, Bindiya and Payal decide to watch a film together. While listening to a song from the movie, they start dancing. After the film ends, Payal expresses her desire to watch it again, but Bindiya is hesitant, doubting if it would work. However, she reluctantly agrees to listen to her sister and resumes the video. Dadi feels tired, so Bindiya accompanies her to prepare the bed.

Meanwhile, Bhim and Fulmati are asked to stay at Madan’s home. Fulmati finds it difficult to fit in the car due to her physical shape, but she mocks the size of the car nonetheless. Payal becomes upset with Fulmati’s taunts. Bhim adds fuel to the fire by mentioning that Madan burned the Chetak. A quarrel ensues, and Fulmati ends up sitting behind Rekha, feeling claustrophobic due to the pressure.

Madan pleads for help from a political party and eventually obtains permission from their leader. Upon returning, Madan becomes furious upon witnessing the fight between Fulmati and Rekha. Bhim brags about his wife’s innocence. When Madan threatens to abandon the plan, Rekha and Fulmati promise not to fight anymore. Madan asks them to maintain peace for one night.

The following morning, Bindiya and Payal are summoned by some strangers. Bindiya worries that the villagers might have discovered their video player. Hastily, they hide the machine, hoping to avoid any commotion. Upon opening the door, the strangers inform Bindiya that they have been summoned by the village panchayat. They feel anxious about the sudden call and assume that the villagers have found out about the machine. Unexpectedly, upon seeing Fulmati, Rampeyari the cow starts bellowing. Fulmati requests the cow to stop, but it continues to make noise. The strangers urge her to hurry, and they depart. After a while, the panchayat begins their discussion. Bindiya, without hearing any words from the panchayat, accepts all the accusations.

[Episode End]

Precap : During the meeting, out of the blue, Madan suddenly emerges and accuses Bindiya and Payal of engaging in some undisclosed mischief. The unexpected reappearance of Madan in their lives deeply saddens the two sisters. Both Madan and Fulmati beseech the leader to entrust them with the responsibility of disciplining the two sisters, citing their immense lack of discipline.

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