Suhaagan 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Bindiya dutifully taking care of Dadi, who notices Payal rummaging through the cupboard. Curious, Bindiya asks her what she’s searching for, but Payal disregards her. Dadi, interested in Bindiya’s day, inquires about it. Bindiya narrates everything that transpired and expresses her intention to meet the village officer. Surprisingly, Payal scolds Bindiya, leaving both Bindiya and Dadi perplexed. In response, they share a lighthearted moment, poking fun at Payal’s peculiar behavior. While doing so, Payal notices Bindiya’s bag, which sparks an idea in her mind, prompting her to depart.

The following day, Bindiya seeks Dadi’s blessings and updates her on her plans for the day. However, she discovers that Payal left for school earlier than usual, causing her to be alarmed upon realizing her bag is missing. Filled with worry, she sets off for work. Dadi wonders where Bindiya’s bag could be. Meanwhile, Payal sells Bindiya’s bag for money, successfully persuading the shopkeeper to give her a higher sum and pocketing some of the profits for herself, leading to her elation.

As Bindiya heads towards work, she decides to meet the village officer first. Payal, happily counting the money, suddenly becomes shocked and anxious upon noticing Bindiya approaching her. She frantically ponders where to hide. In the midst of Bindiya struggling with her footwear getting stuck, she manages to make some adjustments. Just then, Lallan and his accomplices appear on the scene, leaving Bindiya utterly astonished.

Lallan interrogates Bindiya, asking whether she has arranged the money or not. Bindiya confidently asserts that the village officer will address his question, after which she promptly departs. Lallan, taken aback, consults his associates for advice. One of his men makes a phone call, urgently seeking assistance from the person on the other end of the line.

Later, Bindiya earnestly pleaded with the office peon for permission to meet the village officer. The peon informed her about the officer’s packed schedule and shared the unfortunate news that his previous assistant had been involved in an accident. Consequently, a new assistant had been hired, and Bindiya was directed to meet with this replacement. Agreeing to the suggestion, Bindiya proceeded as instructed.

Upon meeting the new assistant, Bindiya noticed that he was deliberately hiding his face behind a book, feigning disinterest. Nonetheless, she confided in him, recounting the details of Lallan’s torment. To her surprise, the assistant revealed his true identity, disclosing that he had orchestrated the accident involving the previous assistant and had taken his place. This revelation sent chills down Bindiya’s spine. The impostor, named Madan, expressed his determination to use all means at his disposal to acquire her land. He callously described his plan to inflict further suffering upon her, even accusing her because of Rekha leaving him. Overwhelmed by shock and fear, Bindiya quickly made her exit.

Meanwhile, at school, Payal assumed the facade of a wealthy girl in front of her classmate, Amy. Amy, pretending to trust Payal, asked for her phone number. Payal lied, claiming her phone was malfunctioning, and promised to share her number once it was fixed. In the midst of this, Bindiya resolved to inform Master Ji about the unsettling events at the village officer’s office. However, her plans took an unexpected turn when she discovered from a shopkeeper that Payal had stolen and sold her bags. Determined to confront Payal, Bindiya headed towards the school.

Simultaneously, Payal found herself in a tight spot when her teacher demanded the submission of homework. Panicking, she confided in Amy, who suggested that she steal the completed assignments from their classmates. Initially hesitant, Payal eventually succumbed to Amy’s persuasion. While Amy distracted their fellow student, Payal surreptitiously took pictures of their homework using her phone. She later submitted the copied work as her own to the teacher, just as Bindiya arrived at the school to meet Payal. Unfortunately, one of the teachers strictly adhered to the rules and denied Bindiya permission to meet Payal during school hours, forcing her to leave. In an attempt to explain her absence, Payal fabricated a story about hand pain. Bindiya assisted her by helping with the homework, but the teacher became suspicious due to the noticeable difference in handwriting. Bindiya couldn’t help but ponder over Payal’s motives and contemplated how to once again overcome Madan’s schemes as she made her way home.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amy embraces Payal as her friend, and in return, Payal affectionately refers to Amy as her sister and warmly embraces her. However, a disagreement arises between Bindiya and Amy, leading to an argument.

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