Suhaagan 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Fulmati stepping out of the house, carrying a plate in her hand. Suddenly, the plate slips from her grasp and crashes onto the floor. Fulmati is taken aback as she realizes that someone has altered the bed cover and shifted the bed’s direction, the very bed where Ghanshyam Ji, the prospective land buyer, is supposed to sit. Filled with astonishment, Fulmati erupts in a fit of anger, causing everyone in the vicinity to rush out of the house. Payal admits that she is the one who changed the bed cover and rearranged the bed. Furious at Payal’s actions, Fulmati directs her anger towards Bhim, instructing him to rectify the situation. However, much to their dismay, the superstitious Ghanshyam Ji arrives and discovers the disarrayed state of affairs. Interpreting it as a negative omen, he becomes prejudiced and skeptical about the entire situation.

Bindiya and Dadi appeared to be happy. However, Fulmati, in accordance with Ghanshyam Ji’s instructions, finally managed to arrange everything and requested her mother to provide her thumbprint on the document. As time passed, Bindiya found herself with only one option to counter the superstitious beliefs of Ghanshyam. She intentionally sneezed, hoping to convey a negative sign. Misinterpreting her sneeze, Ghanshyam vehemently refused Fulmati’s request and angrily stormed out of the house. Fulmati and Bhim made every effort to convince him, but he adamantly refused to reconsider the deal. Dadi, Bindiya, and Payel, on the other hand, appeared to be happy.

Meanwhile, Madan approached Rekha to discuss another plan. He suggested calling Dadi and informing her that Payal had been kidnapped by some criminals who were now demanding a ransom. Madan had assumed that Payal would be unable to return home on her own.

In the evening, Dadi commends Bindiya for her clever strategy to thwart Fulmati’s scheme. Bindiya modestly attributes the success to teamwork and acknowledges her sister’s contribution to the overall plan. Payal declares her intention to continue devising mischievous plans to disrupt Fulmati. Bindiya advises her against needlessly bothering others, but Payal reveals that she has already replaced Fulmati’s toothpaste with glue. As a result, Fulmati’s teeth become glued together, rendering her unable to speak. Curious about Fulmati’s condition, they gather to witness the aftermath. Bhim attempts to assist her but struggles to unlock her teeth.

Payal explains her plan to Bindiya, who promptly fetches hot water to dilute the glue and release Fulmati’s teeth. Bindiya’s idea appears to be effective, and she offers additional tips for relief. However, Bhim accuses Bindiya of concocting an evil scheme. Dadi intervenes, attempting to defend Bindiya by asserting that they are so fearful of Fulmati that they dare not tamper with her belongings.

Dadi confronts Bhim for his inaction, while Bindiya feigns innocence, claiming she had no part in it. Bhim, deeply disappointed by Fulmati’s painful situation, is urged by her to serve some food. After their meal, Fulmati expresses her willingness to find another broker. Bhim asks Payal to make roti, but she refuses, citing unfinished homework. Fulmati then requests Bhim to make the roti for her and also advises him to treat Bindiya and Payal kindly.

Dadi and the two sisters confer on how they should punish Fulmati. Payal becomes enraged as Bindiya disregards her opinions. The disagreement escalates into an argument as they disagree on the appropriate way to penalize Fulmati. Dadi questions Payal if she aspires to be like Fulmati and Rekha. Payal denies this and promises Bindiya that she won’t harm anyone anymore. Both Payal and Bindiya eagerly await the day when Fulmati will leave the house. Bindiya ponders how they can drive away another seller.

Here, Rekha arrives back home and urges Madan to focus on their plan. Madan makes the decision to contact Masterji for updates on the recent events in Chiraiya village. Unfortunately, Fulmati and Bhim overhear their conversation, discovering Fulmati’s plan and fueling Fulmati’s anger further. Witnessing her own mother’s deceitful behavior, Fulmati vows to punish them in a truly cruel manner.

The next morning, their friends inquire why Payal has returned to the village. Payal fabricates a false explanation to deceive them. Meanwhile, Madan reaches out to Masterji and offers an apology to Bindiya. He proceeds to orchestrate another scheme, claiming that Payal has been kidnapped and demanding a large sum of money from Bindiya. Both Bindiya and Payal grasp the extent of Madan’s hypocrisy.

[Episode End]

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