Suhaagan 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Bindiya facing difficulties at work, but she discovers a simpler method. Suddenly, she realizes that Master Ji had instructed her to memorize the tables so she could recall them while working. Meanwhile, Amy grows curious about Payal’s whereabouts. Just then, Payal appears and asks Amy about the AirPods she is using. Amy proceeds to explain how AirPods function.

Later, Bindiya arrives at school and decides to meet Payal. Meanwhile, Payal deceitfully tells Amy that despite being from the city, she would be grateful if they could become friends. Amy ponders how she can manipulate Payal, just as her mother had instructed. Bindiya notices Payal and tries to get her attention, but Payal ignores her. Payal secretly believes that if Amy learns Bindiya is her sister, she won’t want to befriend her, so she urges Amy to leave, promising to reveal her decision about their friendship the following day. Just as Bindiya arrives, Amy asks Payal if she knows who Bindiya is. Payal lies and claims not to know her, leaving Bindiya feeling hurt. Amy departs, thinking to herself that trapping Payal will be an easy task.

Bindiya chose to ignore Payal’s presence, but Payal persisted and convinced her to engage in a conversation. During their interaction, Amy happened to encounter Phoolmati. Amy confided in Phoolmati about Payal’s behavior towards Bindiya, which brought joy to Phoolmati. Amy reassured Phoolmati that she would intervene to mend the relationship between Bindiya and Payal.

Despite Payal’s refusal to leave her side, Bindiya remained adamant about not talking to her. Payal, concerned for Bindiya’s well-being, explained that she didn’t want her to get hurt. Bindiya questioned Payal’s intentions, and although Payal tried to justify her actions, she failed to calm Bindiya down. Feeling disheartened, Bindiya believed it was an unfortunate day. She expressed her hurt at Payal’s neglect and emphasized that they were not only sisters but also best friends, emphasizing their inseparability.

Meanwhile, Phoolmati shared her plan to separate Bindiya and Payal with Amy. Amy expressed skepticism, pointing out that she was the one who had highlighted the bond between the two sisters. However, Phoolmati explained how she could easily turn Payal against Bindiya. Before leaving, Amy and Phoolmati promoted Bigboss OTT.

Subsequently, Bindiya visited Lallan to pay the water tax and requested the water line for the field to be opened. Lallan informed her that he had increased the tax from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500, stating that he would only open the water line once everyone had paid the tax. Disheartened by this news, Bindiya left the place feeling upset.

Upon returning home, Payal examined her reflection in the mirror and compared herself to Amy. Feeling dejected, she pondered how to convince Amy to become her friend. Payal decided to make Amy happy by preparing her favorite food. When questioned by Dadi, Payal dismissed her, believing that she wouldn’t understand.

Bindiya gathered the villagers and informed them about the tax increase. One of the villagers expressed concern about their land, but Bindiya assured him that with Ambe Maa’s blessings, they would find a solution to the problem. However, the villagers started blaming Bindiya for the tax hike, which left her feeling sad.

During Bindiya’s conversation with Master Ji, she revealed her concerns about Lallan causing trouble for her and wondered how to resolve the situation. Master Ji suggested that she contact the village authority who could assist her. Bindiya agreed to follow his advice.

Meanwhile, Phoolmati conveyed to Amy that they needed to separate Bindiya and Payal within five days before their vacation started. Amy reminded Phoolmati of the promises she had made, and Phoolmati assured her that she would fulfill all her demands. At the same time, Payal approached Bindiya for some money, but Bindiya informed her that she didn’t have any. Payal grew angry and declared that once she became wealthy, she wouldn’t assist Bindiya at all.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bindiya encounters the officer’s personal assistant to discuss Lallan’s ultimatum. Much to her astonishment, she discovers that Madan is the P.A., leading her to recognize that she must confront him once more and engage in another battle against him.

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