Suhaagan 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Bindiya confiding in Dadi about the predicament of meeting the officer, as Madan stands in their way. Dadi expresses her desire for a phone to contact the officer directly. Bindiya brightens up as she shares her idea of writing a letter to send to the officer. Dadi appreciates her idea and takes the opportunity to emphasize the significance of education. Bindiya, however, discloses that she abandoned her education due to the discouragement from others, prioritizing her family instead. Dadi expresses her gratitude towards Master Ji for agreeing to assist with Bindiya’s education. Bindiya ponders on how to reveal to Dadi the instructions given by Master Ji’s wife. Curious, Dadi inquires about Bindiya’s thoughts, and she fabricates an excuse, stating that she’s contemplating the content of the letter. Satisfied, Dadi is convinced.

Meanwhile, Phoolmati joyfully expresses her gratitude to Amy for aiding her in the plan against the Mishra sisters. She attempts to outline her plan for the next day, but Amy insists that Phoolmati buy her a bicycle before she agrees to help and subsequently depart for school. Phoolmati becomes anxious. In the meantime, Bindiya prays to Ambe Maa and begins writing the letter to the officer, explaining her background. Struggling with the pen, she decides to borrow Payal’s pen. To her astonishment, she discovers a bag of chips in Payal’s bag, realizing that Payal has been deceiving her and feels disheartened.

The following day, Payal and Bindiya found themselves on their way home. Curious about Payal’s recent purchase, Bindiya inquired which book she had bought with the money. However, Payal chose to deceive her. Unconvinced, Bindiya took snacks from Payal’s bag and confronted her about it. Frustrated, Payal shouted at Bindiya, demanding that she seek permission before rummaging through her belongings. The commotion attracted the attention of a few bystanders, including a concerned lady who approached them to inquire about the situation. Payal dismissively told the lady and the others to mind their own business and return to their daily tasks, urging them to cease observing their quarrel. Eventually, the onlookers dispersed.

Amy was taken aback by the intensity of Bindiya and Payal’s argument. She promptly video called Phoolmati, who commended Amy for her involvement. Bindiya questioned Payal’s disrespectful behavior towards elders and her recent change in attitude. Payal expressed her disappointment with Bindiya, believing that she hadn’t achieved what she desired since their parents’ passing. Bindiya reminded her sister of the challenging circumstances they faced and asked Payal what she truly wanted. Payal surprised Bindiya by demanding a phone, leaving her speechless. Payal stormed off from the scene.

Encouraged by Phoolmati, Amy decided to aggravate the ongoing conflict between the Mishra sisters. She approached Bindiya, taunting her before departing. Bindiya burst into tears, replaying the distressing events in her mind. Seeking solace, she questioned Amba Maa about her sufferings and fervently pleaded for divine assistance in fulfilling Payal’s every desire. Remembering her mother’s words, Bindiya motivated herself not to surrender in this struggle.

Later, the villagers scolded Bindiya, blaming her for their shared misfortunes. Unfazed, Bindiya shared her plan with them, seeking their support. Realizing the potential repercussions of defying Lallan, no one refused to assist her. One man stepped forward to back Bindiya, and gradually, others followed suit, providing their fingerprints on the letter she had written for the officer. Bindiya felt a sense of joy and hope.

At school, Amy rejected Payal’s request to sit beside her. Instead, she engaged in conversation with another classmate, divulging details of her upcoming birthday plans. Puzzled, Payal wondered about the true reason for Amy’s displeasure towards her. Meanwhile, Bindiya observed as the officer prepared to read her letter, but an incoming call interrupted the process. Madan entered the room, and Bindiya hastily made her exit, catching his attention and raising his suspicions. Madan noticed Bindiya’s letter, swiftly taking it from the officer under the guise of an excuse, and later confronted Bindiya. He callously discarded her letter and demanded that she surrender her land to him before leaving. Bindiya was overcome with grief, shedding tears of despair.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amy hurls insults at Payal, but Payal desperately implores her to reconsider and forge a friendship instead. Witnessing this exchange, Bindiya endeavors to enlighten Payal about Amy’s true nature. However, Payal abruptly shoves Bindiya to the ground, asserting that she is not a maternal figure to her. Bindiya is taken aback by this unexpected response.

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