Suhaagan 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Bindiya pleading to Kaka for an opportunity to work, but unfortunately, Kaka refuses her request, leaving her disheartened. She returns to her place in tears. After the class ended, one of Payal’s classmates inquired about the contents of the tokri she had brought to school. Payal hesitated to respond, but her classmate, inquisitive, opened the lid of the tokri and discovered that it contained papads. Seizing the opportunity, the classmates teased Payal, jesting that she had transformed into a papad seller rather than being a respected memsaab.

Meanwhile, Bindiya, who had put in tremendous effort but hadn’t received her due payment from Kaka due to some issues with the food preparation, felt deeply hurt. She sought solace by venting her grievances to daadi about Kaka’s behavior. In an attempt to console her, daadi assured Bindiya not to worry, mentioning that Payal would surely return with a substantial amount of money after selling the papads to her classmates.

Upon leaving her class, Payal experienced a profound sense of humiliation. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she decided to shatter the papads and discard the tokri, stating that for Bindiya, it may have been a matter of mere 25 bucks, but for Payal, it was a matter of her dignity and reputation. Consequently, she resolved never to engage in papad selling again.

After the break, a tearful Payal approached Bindiya, resorting to deception. She claimed that she had worked tirelessly, earning 325 Rupees by selling papads, only to have someone steal the money from her bag. Sympathizing with her, Bindiya consoled Payal, assuring her that it wasn’t her fault and speculating that their aunt and uncle might be responsible. However, their conversation was interrupted when Foolmati and others arrived at their house with a surprising revelation.

Foolmati and her companions confronted Bindiya and their grandmother, informing them that Payal was actually at fault. They presented a bundle of broken papads, explaining that Payal had taken them to school but, feeling humiliated due to teasing from her classmates, she had recklessly discarded the papads. Attempting to manipulate Bindiya against Payal, Foolmati and the others tried to sow discord within the family. However, Bindiya firmly requested them to leave, asserting that it was a matter for their family alone and she didn’t want any external interference.

Turning to Payal, their grandmother questioned her lack of remorse for wasting Bindiya’s hard work. Payal admitted that she felt ashamed of selling papads, prompting their grandmother to impart a valuable lesson: no work is too small or insignificant. This comment offended Payal, leading her to storm off. Bindiya defended Payal, expressing that the blame shouldn’t fall solely on her sister since Bindiya had never asked for her opinion before deciding to sell papads.

As Bindiya contemplated the situation, she realized that she might need to seek employment in Belapur, where numerous shops offered potential job opportunities. Payal, feeling constantly scolded and cursed by everyone, experienced a deep sense of distress. However, Bindiya managed to console her sister, suggesting that they may need to consider going to Belapur for work.

Meanwhile, Foolmati, Bhim, and the others trailed behind Bindiya and Payal, closely monitoring their movements. However, Foolmati soon suspected that they were being deceived by the sisters. She called out to Payal, but to her surprise, when Payal and Bindiya turned around, Bindiya’s friend stood beside Payal instead of Bindiya herself. Payal and Bindiya had cunningly tricked Foolmati and their gang, diverting their attention. Payal’s aunt shook her and demanded to know where Bindiya was. Seizing the moment, Payal began to scream for help, creating a commotion that put Foolmati and the others in a difficult position. With a crowd gathering to assist Payal, Foolmati’s gang hastily fled the scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bindiya will be spotted seeking employment in Belapur.

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