Suhaagan 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with a meeting focused on the impending judgment. Unfortunately, nobody pays heed to Bindiya’s words. Despite her pleas, she fails to capture anyone’s attention. Determined to be heard, she resorts to an unconventional method, creating a strange sound with a stick. Bindiya proceeds to recount the promise made to Dadi, emphasizing their unbreakable bond. She passionately expresses her love for Payal and Dadi, reminiscing about how Dadi always took care of them. While Payal may occasionally misunderstand her, their unity has never wavered. Although they may face scarcity in terms of food, their abundance of love knows no bounds.

Overwhelmed by emotion, Bindiya rushes towards Dadi, seeking solace in her embrace. Meanwhile, Sarpanchji grows infuriated with Madan’s tardiness and suspects a possible conspiracy or connection between Madan and Fulmati. The quarrel between Madan and Fulmati continues, as the former adamantly refuses to share fifty percent of the property. Learning this, Fulmati becomes enraged and willingly offers her rightful share. In an attempt to pacify Fulmati, Madan reluctantly agrees to the arrangement.

Rekha locked Bangshi inside Bindiya’s room and threatened him, fueling his anger. Once Rekha left, Bangshi forcefully broke the lock and chased after her, seeking revenge. Unexpectedly, Bhim noticed Rekha approaching them, and they were perplexed as to why she was running. Rekha then shared everything with them. Meanwhile, Sarpanchji arrived at the scene and questioned their idle conversation, reminding them of the rules. Urging them to gather quickly, he handed a mobile phone to Rekha before leaving to hear the verdict.

Sarpanchji prohibited them from selling the property, but Madan and Fulmati reiterated their inability to live in the small village and abandon their other commitments. Bindiya emphasized that they had acquired the necessary skills to lead a peaceful life in any household.

Madan argued that the two sisters couldn’t earn enough money and running a household wasn’t a piece of cake. Bindiya requested three days from Sarpanchji, pledging to earn three hundred rupees within that time. Madan wondered why Rekha hadn’t contacted him yet. Meanwhile, Bangshi caught Rekha from behind, menacing her with a sharp knife.

Sarpanchji postponed the judgment, considering Bindiya and Payal’s emotional state. He empathized with the sisters’ pain and gave Bindiya a chance to prove herself. Upon hearing this temporary ruling, Bindiya and Payal felt immense joy, while the antagonists grew increasingly irritated, particularly Fulmati, who struggled to control her anger. Madan attempted to pacify the situation, and Payal found Fulmati’s frustrated expression amusing.

With no alternative, Madan inquired about the consequences if Bindiya and Payal failed. Sarpanchji assured him that if the sisters failed, Madan and Fulmati would take responsibility for Bindiya and Payal. The villagers dispersed, and Fulmati and Madan engaged in a heated exchange of words. Fulmati blamed Madan for ruining the entire plan. Dadi became anxious, contemplating how Bindiya would fulfill her commitments. However, Bindiya vowed to accomplish it by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Rekha accused Bangshi of being a molester in front of the villagers, leading to his severe beating.

[Episode End]

Precap : Bindiya, determined to create and sell Papad, takes the initiative to prepare the flour and begins the process under the guidance of her beloved Dadi. However, unbeknownst to her, a conspiracy brews among Madan, Fulmati, Bhim, and Rekha, who conspire to hinder Bindiya’s progress and prevent her from achieving her goal.

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