Suhaagan 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Bindiya stumbling upon some odd jobs in Belapur. Determined to make ends meet, she decides to resort to begging, clutching a plate in her hands. However, her plan is foiled when she is caught by a stranger. To her dismay, Bindiya realizes that her plate contains nothing but emptiness. The stranger scolds her, causing fear to engulf her, prompting her to hastily flee from the scene. Overwhelmed with devastation and humiliation, she collapses to the ground and weeps inconsolably.

In her despair, Bindiya recalls the village leader’s admonition to prove herself and her father’s motivational words, urging her to confront life’s challenges head-on. Summoning her inner strength, she rises to her feet, determined to uplift her spirits. Gathering her courage, she makes a solemn promise to herself that she will never surrender to defeat.

Meanwhile, Rekha and Madan take Payal deep into the jungle, using a barking wild dog to intimidate her. In a menacing tone, Rekha demands to know the whereabouts of Bindiya. Filled with fear, Payal becomes frightened. Madan echoes the question, pressuring Payal to reveal Bindiya’s current location.

As Fulmati pretends to prepare to open a box, Payal, in a moment of desperation, blurts out that Bindiya has gone to Belapur to earn money. When Fulmati finally opens the box, Bhim emerges instead. Seizing the opportunity, Rekha accuses Payal of being a selfish girl who does not love her own sister. Betrayed and heartbroken, Payal is promptly ordered to leave the premises without delay.

In Belapur, Bindiya finds herself in the parking lot, determined to clean the car windows. With a sense of urgency, she hurriedly approaches each car, using her own dupatta to wipe away the dust and grime. Meanwhile, Madan, Rekha, and Fulmati arrive in Belapur and immediately begin taunting and demoralizing Bindiya. They instill fear in her heart by mentioning Payal, making Bindiya believe that Payal is in some sort of danger. Consumed by worry, Bindiya rushes back to her village, leaving the evil trio triumphant in their mission.

Upon her return, Payal confides in Dadi, recounting everything that happened. The description of events leaves Dadi feeling anxious, but she forgives Payal and fears that the evildoers may have made their way to Belapur. Just then, Bindiya also arrives home and shares the whole ordeal with Dadi. Witnessing Bindiya’s distress, Dadi becomes deeply concerned.

In another attempt to torment Bindiya, the four villains devise a scheme. Madan finds it hard to believe that Bhim planned this on his own. They hide in a bush, preparing to carry out their mischievous act. That night, Bindiya tallies the money she collected and realizes she has only earned 150 bucks out of the intended 600. Undeterred, Bindiya decides to offer tea to strangers as a way to make up the shortfall.

However, Dadi insists that Bindiya should have dinner first. Although Bindiya initially refuses, Payal takes a stand and declares that if Bindiya won’t eat, she will also go hungry. Relenting, Bindiya agrees to have dinner.

As Bindiya unwraps the paper containing her earnings, she discovers a 5-rupee note attached to it. She immediately realizes that it was sent by Madan. Meanwhile, Bhim surreptitiously mixes sleeping pills into Bindiya’s food, intending to ensure she falls into a deep slumber.

[Episode End]

Precap : The following morning arrives, and Dadi attempts to rouse Bindiya from her slumber, but she remains fast asleep. Dadi reminds Bindiya that it is their final opportunity to earn some money, yet Bindiya remains oblivious to the urgency. In the midst of this, Fulmati derisively taunts Dadi with a sardonic smile.

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