Suhaagan 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Kaka and the others showering Bindiya with praise, which brings joy to her heart. Kaka expresses their collective pride in having her as a member of their village. Meanwhile, at school, Payal cunningly takes the teacher’s purse and sneaks away, unknowingly being recorded by Amy on her phone. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Amy promptly informs Phoolmati about Payal’s theft. Impressed by Amy’s actions, Phoolmati commends her and inquires if she managed to capture the incident on video, to which Amy confirms her success. This news elates Phoolmati, fueling her determination to expose Payal’s truth and tarnish Bindiya’s reputation.

On the other hand, Payal visits a shop with the intention of purchasing a phone. However, the shopkeeper scolds her, perceiving her as a time-waster who has no intention of making a purchase. Just then, Master Ji arrives and reprimands Payal. Worried that Master Ji might have discovered her misdeeds, Payal experiences a brief moment of relief when he informs her that she should be heading home after school hours instead of wandering around. This situation worries both Bindiya and Payal. Master Ji insists on escorting Payal home, but she defiantly refuses and departs. In her mind, Payal strategizes to buy a phone when no one is around, planning her next move.

Meanwhile, Amy enters her classroom and observes the teacher frantically searching for her misplaced purse. Amy offers a solution, suggesting that the teacher report the incident to the Panchayat before the culprit spends all the money. Additionally, she volunteers to accompany the teacher on her cycle to the village. Appreciating Amy’s helpfulness, the teacher agrees to the plan, bringing joy to Amy’s heart.

Bindiya’s heart was filled with joy as she shared the successful outcome of her plan with Dadi. Overwhelmed by Bindiya’s accomplishment, Dadi praised her for her efforts. However, amidst the celebration, Dadi noticed a hint of sadness in Bindiya’s eyes and gently inquired about it. Bindiya confided in Dadi, revealing her distress over Payal’s recent behavior, which deeply upset her. Recognizing her role as the elder sister, Bindiya expressed her determination to take care of Payal and guide her towards the right path. Dadi wholeheartedly agreed with Bindiya’s sentiment.

Determined to bridge the gap with Payal, Bindiya decided to approach her and initiate a conversation. She approached Payal and earnestly tried to convince her to open up. To Bindiya’s surprise, Payal, in an unexpected turn, expressed that she didn’t need a mobile phone and congratulated Bindiya on her achievement. Bindiya felt a sense of happiness and relief.

Meanwhile, Amy voiced her discontent with Bindiya receiving an appreciation gift from the villagers. Phoolmati, sensing an opportunity, resolved to expose Payal in front of everyone. The following day, Bindiya requested Payal to take a leave from school to attend the award ceremony, but Payal assured her that she would meet her on time and then join her.

Unbeknownst to Bindiya, Payal headed to the mobile shop to purchase a phone. The shopkeeper questioned Payal about the money she had, but Payal resorted to lying. However, her deceit failed to convince the shopkeeper, leading Payal to contemplate leaving. In an unexpected twist, she stumbled and fell to the ground. Startled, she looked up and was taken aback by the presence of someone before her, growing increasingly worried.

Back at the village gathering, Bindiya pleaded with Sarpan Ji to wait for Payal so she could receive her award. Sarpan Ji, however, disclosed the truth to Bindiya, compelling her to accept the appreciation prize in front of the villagers. As Bindiya glanced at Payal, her happiness was tinged with concern, prompting her to inquire about the reason behind Payal’s sadness. In that moment, Bindiya’s eyes fell upon Phoolmati, and she was taken aback by what she witnessed.

Phoolmati proceeded to expose Payal’s alleged actions to the villagers. Payal vehemently denied the accusations, branding Phoolmati a liar. Bindiya, torn between her trust in Payal and Phoolmati’s claims, struggled to believe the latter’s words. In a menacing tone, Phoolmati warned Payal, who responded by calling Roz (Amy). To Payal and Bindiya’s shock, they discovered that Amy was Phoolmati’s daughter. Feeling betrayed by Amy’s involvement, Payal and Bindiya watched in disbelief as Phoolmati and Amy presented a video that seemingly showed Payal stealing. Inciting the villagers to take action, Phoolmati taunted Dadi’s upbringing. The villagers, swayed by the evidence, demanded that Sarpan Ji punish Payal by sending her to prison. Payal was left utterly shocked by the turn of events.

[Episode End]

Precap : Payal confronts Bindiya, accusing her of being responsible for the recent thefts and labeling her as a morally compromised individual. In response, Bindiya questions why Payal is choosing to remain in her company if she holds such negative beliefs. Reflecting on the situation, Payal makes the decision to depart. Subsequently, both Payal and Bindiya part ways, heading in opposite directions.

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