Suhaagan 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Payal seeking help from a stranger through a window. However, Rekha intervenes and deceives the person, claiming that Payal is merely upset because they refused to let her watch television. Rekha then instructs the stranger to leave and closes the window. Seeing Payal’s distressed expression, Rekha threatens her, suggesting that she might release a wild dog to harm her before leaving the room. Payal appears visibly upset by the encounter.

Meanwhile, Fulmati’s daughter calls her mother, expressing that she is feeling slightly unwell. This news greatly worries Fulmati, and she becomes agitated, blaming Bhim’s mother for being irresponsible. Filled with anger, Fulmati directs her frustration towards her own mother, accusing her of being responsible for her daughter’s ill health. She sternly warns her mother to transfer all the property to her soon so that she can return to her daughter’s side. Dadi interjects, urging Fulmati to show some compassion towards Bindiya and Payel, who are like her own daughters, just as Rose is. However, Fulmati adamantly refuses to do so, rejecting Dadi’s plea for empathy.

The following morning at four o’clock, Dadi attempted to wake up Bindiya, only to discover that she was already diligently attending to her household chores. Dadi’s heart swelled with emotion, and she fervently prayed for Bindiya’s blessings. Bindiya swiftly completed her tasks and left for school. Fulmati and Bhim were taken aback by this sight, prompting Bhim to implore Fulmati to intervene. Fulmati assured him that she would ensure Bindiya’s failure in her upcoming challenges, scheming sinisterly in her mind.

While at school, Bindiya approached Masterji to borrow the phone and call Madan. As the phone rang, Payal rushed to answer it, but Rekha obstructed her. With a tight grip on Payal’s mouth, Rekha silenced her, allowing Madan to speak on the call. Madan pretended that Payal was sound asleep and unresponsive, assuring Bindiya that he would call her back. Bindiya ended the call, leaving Payal seething with anger as she lashed out, accidentally cutting Rekha’s hand. In retribution, Rekha confined Payal to a room as punishment. Meanwhile, Bindiya recollected her task of gathering crops from the field. Feeling helpless, she struggled with the process, eventually seeking assistance from a farmer. The farmer kindly taught her the technique, and Bindiya quickly grasped it, becoming proficient in no time.

Bindiya heads towards her home, her mind filled with a mix of emotions. Madan, on the other hand, grows increasingly annoyed as Bindiya persistently dials his number. Meanwhile, Rekha proudly boasts about her intelligence, reveling in her power over others. Meanwhile, Payal, locked inside a room, feels a deep sense of disappointment and hunger. Desperate for sustenance, she mistakenly tries to eat the soap in the bathroom, only to realize its inedibility. She pounds on the door, pleading with Rekha to set her free. The memories of happier times haunt her, intensifying her pain and longing to return home.

In the evening, Dadi notices Bindiya’s lack of appetite and expresses concern. Bindiya confesses that she called Madan twice, but Payal didn’t answer the phone even once. Seeking solace, Bindiya confides in Dadi, who tries to alleviate her pain. The absence of her sister weighs heavily on Bindiya’s heart. However, after some time, Bindiya manages to uplift her spirits, determined to find a glimmer of cheer in her surroundings.

[Episode End]

Precap : Payal comprehends the underlying motive behind Rekha’s actions. Rekha articulates her dependence on Payal, elucidating why she needs her. Payal acknowledges her errors, demonstrating an understanding of her own mistakes. However, Rekha doesn’t hesitate to highlight Payal’s flaw—the act of betraying her own sister. As the words sink in, Payal is rendered speechless, unable to respond.

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