Suhaagan 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with four goons forcefully dragging Payal into a car while she cries out, pleading for them to release her. Desperate to silence her, they tightly cover her mouth to prevent her from shouting. While driving along the road, they unexpectedly encounter Bindiya and urgently ask her for directions to the quickest way out. Bindiya, unaware that Payal is concealed inside the vehicle, provides them with the requested information. However, as the car passes by Bindiya, Payal manages to break free and desperately calls out Bindiya’s name for assistance. Bindiya hears her sister’s voice, instantly recognizing it. Back at home, Dadi fervently prays to God for the well-being of the two sisters. Determined to save Payal, Bindiya hurls a solid clay pot towards the car in an attempt to halt the goons. Unfortunately, the obstruction only briefly delays their progress.

Two police constables were startled by the sound of a clay pot hitting a car mirror. Intrigued, they hurriedly made their way towards the source of the disturbance, only to witness the car hastily fleeing the scene. Sensing trouble, Bindiya, an onlooker, implored the police for assistance regarding her sister’s predicament. Meanwhile, in a nearby field, a devastating fire engulfed the entire crop, eliciting a sinister delight from Bhim and Fulmati, who reveled in their cruel act. However, their joy was short-lived when Fulmati’s clothing caught fire, prompting her to urgently seek Bhim’s aid. Without hesitation, Bhim swiftly removed the burning cloth and discarded it away from them. Alas, Fulmati was quick to realize the potential repercussions of leaving behind any evidence of their misdeeds. She implored Bhim to dispose of the burnt cloth elsewhere, fearing its potential use against them. Acting on her request, Bhim and Fulmati took the remnants of the charred fabric and hastily departed from the field.

Bindiya, desperate to secure her sister’s safety, approached the police for help. In an attempt to pacify her, the police assured Bindiya that they were diligently inspecting all vehicles passing through the road. Unbeknownst to the police, Bindiya had already informed the culprits of the shortest route to evade the ongoing police checks. Shocked by this revelation, the police immediately dispatched a contingent to block the specified road, determined to apprehend the perpetrators.

While riding in the car, Payal pleaded with the goons to release her, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Relentlessly, the goons pursued Bindiya’s path until the police intervened and apprehended them, ensuring Payal’s safety. Overwhelmed with relief, Payal rushed into Bindiya’s arms, and both women couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Bindiya showered Payal with affection, comforting her in the midst of her distress.

Fulmati scolded Bhim for his foolishness and instructed him to hide any evidence of their crime. However, Fulmati took matters into her own hands and concealed the proof herself. Curious about how Payal managed to escape from the house, Bindiya inquired, causing Payal to burst into tears. Bindiya lovingly tried to console her, while the police officers commended Bindiya’s bravery. The officers offered to escort them home, but Bindiya insisted on disembarking from the car, as she had left her bicycle midway.

Meanwhile, Rekha and Madan anxiously pondered whether Payal would ever return. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and they hurriedly answered it, finding Bangshi standing there. Upon entering the room, Bangshi launched into a mean-spirited tirade, taunting Rekha. Madan attempted to stand up to Bangshi, but the latter reminded him of his outstanding debt. Insulted by the situation, Rekha reluctantly entered the room to prepare a drink for Bangshi.

Payal reveals the entire truth about Rekha and Madan, exposing Rekha’s true nature. She recounts how Rekha mistreated and tormented her, even denying her food. Curious about why Bindiya didn’t come to rescue her, Payal asks, and Bindiya shares her own painful experience of being betrayed by Bhim. She discloses the details of Fulmati’s deal, explaining that if they fail to harvest the field, they will be forcefully driven away. Bindiya expresses her remorse for not being able to reach Payal earlier. Determined, Payal assures her sister that she will never abandon Bindiya.

Bindiya reveals that she had come to sell tea and managed to earn some money. Together, they make their way back home. However, on their journey, they receive distressing news—their field is engulfed in flames. With a heavy heart, they hasten towards their burning field.

[Episode End]

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