Suhaagan 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Payal urging Bindiya to take Krishna away. In her attempt to do so, Payal even tries to harm Krishna, stating that she will neither heed Bindiya’s words nor allow Krishna to stay in the house. Bindiya implores Payal to cease her actions. Eventually, Bindiya conceals Krishna in her dupatta and takes him along. She reminds Krishna that his family must be concerned about his whereabouts. Krishna confirms this, and Bindiya assures him that she will assist him in contacting his family members. Krishna expresses his gratitude towards her. Subsequently, Bindiya instructs Krishna on how to walk like a girl, and he obediently follows her guidance, playfully joking with her.

Both Bindiya and Krishna venture into the marketplace. Bindiya is startled upon spotting some goons and instinctively pushes Krishna away, causing them both to stumble. Krishna becomes indignant and questions Bindiya’s actions. Sensing danger, Bindiya warns him about the goons and swiftly takes him to hide under a box adorned with flowers. Meanwhile, the goons discuss the possible whereabouts of Krishna. Krishna’s father approaches them, displaying Krishna’s photograph, and inquires if they have seen him. Anxious, the goons lie and deceive Krishna’s father, prompting him to depart with the police.

In that moment, Krishna questioned Bindiya about Payal’s unnecessary rudeness, even going so far as to label her a psycho. However, he also acknowledged Bindiya’s helpful nature and praised her for it. Bindiya, in turn, defended Payal and spoke about her father’s advice regarding accepting one’s mistakes. She also mentioned her blossoming friendship with Krishna. Impressed by Bindiya’s character and her father’s wisdom, Krishna decided to gift her a friendship band.

Bindiya, however, chose to divide the band into two pieces and handed one part to Krishna, expressing her desire for the bond of friendship to exist between both of them. Intrigued by this gesture, Krishna was about to disclose his name when they were interrupted by the sound of a siren. Sensing the need for assistance, Bindiya suggested seeking help from the police, but unfortunately, they went unnoticed.

Seeking an alternative solution, Bindiya assured Krishna that they could seek assistance from Master Ji and brought him along. To their surprise, they discovered a group of goons upon arriving. Bindiya attempted to escape with Krishna before they could be detected, but their plan failed when one of the goons spotted Krishna with her. Fleeing from the pursuing goons, Bindiya and Krishna became separated in the process.

In a state of shock, Bindiya found herself face-to-face with one of the goons. Meanwhile, another goon continued to chase after Krishna. Back at home, Dadi expressed her concerns for Bindiya, while Payal taunted her decision to help Krishna. As they heard someone knocking on the door, Payal opened it to find Krishna standing there. He explained that they had become separated while fleeing from the goons. Payal erupted in anger, shouting at Krishna.

Meanwhile, the goon threatened Bindiya, but she courageously fought back, recalling her father’s advice to confront problems head-on. Afterward, she made her escape. Payal forcibly dragged Krishna out of the house, accusing him of being the source of their troubles. Just as they were about to leave, they noticed Bindiya’s arrival. Bindiya quickly ushered both Krishna and Payal into the house and locked the door, with the goons persistently knocking and attempting to enter.

Payal berated Bindiya for getting them into trouble by helping Krishna, but Bindiya remained determined to save him, despite the scolding. She shared her plan with Payal and Krishna, and Krishna hailed her as a genius. Bindiya ensured Dadi’s safety in a secure location, and with the collective efforts of Payal and Krishna, she devised a strategy to trap the goons. Meanwhile, Indu, worried about Krishna’s well-being, contacted her husband and fervently prayed for his safety.

The goons forcibly entered the Mishra sisters’ house, stumbling and struggling to regain their footing. Bindiya, Payal, and Krishna couldn’t help but laugh at their expense. The goons, however, issued threats, causing concern to arise within Bindiya and Krishna. Meanwhile, Dadi continued to offer prayers for their safety. One of the goons managed to capture Payal, leaving Bindiya and Krishna deeply worried as Payal cried out for help.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dadi commends Krishna for successfully bringing Bindiya and Payal together and expresses her appreciation. She then kindly requests both of them to extend forgiveness to each other. Bindiya, having been moved by Dadi’s words, states that she has three conditions. Payal observes attentively, awaiting Bindiya’s conditions.

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