Suhaagan 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with a conversation between Bindiya and Payal, where Bindiya expresses her disbelief over Madan’s sudden change of plans. The police urge Bindiya to call Madan and find out their whereabouts. Unbeknownst to them, Madan and Rekha hide behind a nearby tree and purposely disconnect the phone. The police assure Bindiya not to worry. Bindiya and Payal feel a sense of relief and happiness as the villains receive their just punishment. Madan realizes the strength of the two girls, but they remain oblivious to how Bindiya managed to capture and beat Fulmati and Bhim. They also fear the consequences of their threats against Banshi and unfairly place the blame on Bindiya for spoiling their scheme.

Meanwhile, Fulmati and Bhim are paraded around the village, exposing their wickedness to the villagers. The entire village bursts into laughter, intensifying their shame. Bindiya feels deep sympathy for them and pleads with the police for their release. The police promise to force Fulmati to leave the village. Drawing a comparison between Fulmati and Bindiya, the police officers continue to insult them one by one, while the villagers taunt them relentlessly.

Bindiya and Payal came back and informed their Dadi about everything that had happened. Dadi became upset upon learning that the police had failed to apprehend Madan. However, Payal reassured her that the police hadn’t returned empty-handed. Just then, an officer forcefully brought Fulmati and Bhim into the room. Dadi was taken aback by Fulmati’s condition and fervently prayed to God for their enlightenment.

When Fulmati asked her mother for forgiveness, her mother imposed a condition and instructed them to leave the house. The police allowed them only five minutes to gather their belongings. Fulmati and Bhim were about to depart when Bindiya intervened. She returned the stick and the burnt dupatta, which served as evidence of Fulmati’s misdeeds. Overwhelmed with shame, Fulmati was asked to leave the house permanently. As soon as Fulmati and Bhim left, Bindiya closed the door. The two sisters were overjoyed and couldn’t contain their happiness, bursting into a spontaneous dance. They felt relieved to be free from Fulmati’s clutches. Payal then suggested throwing a party to celebrate, and Bindiya gladly accepted the offer.

In this scenario, Rekha intends to divorce Madan, while Madan finds amusement in Fulmati’s unfortunate fate. However, their attention is abruptly drawn to Fulmati and Bhim as they depart from the village. Meanwhile, within the village master’s home, Payal and Bindiya are presented with valuable items to hold onto. The two sisters hesitate to accept these offerings but eventually proceed towards their house. Coincidentally, Madan also arrives in the village, determined to confront Bindiya. As Madan observes the sisters approaching, Bindiya and Payal decide to make a stop at the temple. Although Payal initially resists the idea, Bindiya convinces her that it would be worthwhile to visit the temple just once. In another part of the scene, Madan approaches Fulmati and advises her against extinguishing the fire within herself. They unite their efforts, aiming to seek revenge. Madan then proceeds to give Fulmati and Bhim a transformation, covering their baldness.

[Episode End]

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