Suhaagan 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Bindiya tending to her cow, completely unaware of a stranger entering her house. Payal enters and curiously inquires about the situation. Startled, the guy quickly retreats and leaves. Payal confronts Bindiya, complaining that the water she is using is flowing onto her side. She advises Bindiya to be more mindful in the future. Bindiya, cleaning her side, sarcastically suggests that Payal should clean herself too before leaving. Payal becomes increasingly annoyed.

Meanwhile, a man expresses his admiration for his wife, Indu, for the delicious meal she prepared. Suddenly, his phone rings, and he receives a shocking call from Vikram. He hastily informs Indu that someone has abducted Krishna. Overwhelmed, Indu faints.

In the meantime, Bindiya calls out to Dadi to join her for a meal, but Payal arrives instead. Bindiya takes the opportunity to taunt Payal once again. Annoyed, Payal hastily departs from the scene.

Two men attempted to catch the boy but found themselves discussing their failure to apprehend him. However, their determination to capture him at any cost grew stronger. One of the men entered Bindiya’s house once again and noticed Payal emerging from the house, prompting him to hide himself. Payal carelessly left the door open and went somewhere.

Inside the house, Bindiya wondered about the whereabouts of Dadi. The man, still inside, began searching for a phone but noticed Payal returning, so he quickly concealed himself under the bed. Unknowingly, Payal sat on the exact spot where the man was hiding. Bindiya then brought Dadi into the room. Dadi instructed Payal to seek forgiveness before having her meal. Bindiya requested Dadi not to plead with Payal, but Payal scornfully mocked Bindiya. Meanwhile, the man hiding under the bed contemplated his need to leave.

Bindiya served food to Dadi and herself, while Payal commented that she had realized everything and everyone changes without a doubt. Bindiya told Dadi that she wouldn’t forgive Payal and shared her father’s advice about the importance of accepting one’s mistakes and apologizing. Payal adamantly refused to accept her mistake, and both Dadi and Bindiya proceeded to have their meal.

The man hiding under the bed sought a way to distract Bindiya, Payal, and Dadi so that he could make his escape. Just then, someone knocked on the door, causing both Bindiya and Payal to go and answer it.

In the meantime, the man took some rice and hid himself in another room. Two men arrived and informed Bindiya and Payal that they were searching for a guy who had stolen money from them. Both Bindiya and Payal denied having anyone in their house. The men requested the sisters to inform them if they came across the guy. Bindiya went to fetch a pen but noticed the man hiding under the bed, who pleaded with her silently not to inform the goons. Bindiya felt helpless, but when she noticed one of the men carrying a knife, she remained silent.

After the goons left, Bindiya brought the man hidden in their house out of hiding. Payal shouted, but Bindiya covered her mouth. The man revealed his identity and explained how he had been abducted by the goons. Bindiya believed Krishna’s words, but Payal remained skeptical. Meanwhile, Krishna’s father became determined to find him. Krishna pleaded with the sisters to lend him a phone so he could contact his family. Payal taunted Bindiya, who informed them that they didn’t have a phone but promised to bring one from Master Ji’s house. Payal declared that she wouldn’t stay with a thief and demanded that Bindiya take Krishna with her. Both Bindiya and Krishna were shocked by her response.

[Episode End]

Precap : Krishna’s father embarks on a desperate search for his son, aided by the assistance of the police. Meanwhile, the goons manage to catch sight of Krishna and Bindiya, prompting them to hasten their pursuit. Despite their efforts, the goons ultimately fail to capture Krishna. In a moment of frustration, one of the men accuses Bindiya of sabotaging their carefully laid plan, causing her to become deeply concerned.

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