Suhaagan 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with a conversation between Fulmati and Bindiya, where Fulmati uses her seductive charms to convince Bindiya to sell their field as quickly as possible, warning her that they might not receive a good price otherwise. Reluctantly, Bindiya is coerced into agreeing to sell the field. However, during their interaction, Bindiya notices a burnt mark on Fulmati’s hand, raising her suspicions. Fulmati swiftly offers a false excuse to deflect Bindiya’s attention from the mark.

Later, Fulmati sends a message to the promoter who intends to purchase the field. After Fulmati leaves, Bindiya’s mind continues to dwell on the burnt mark and the unsettling scene in the field. Meanwhile, Payal still harbors fear about the possible appearance of Madan during the night. In the darkness, Bindiya hopes fervently that their field will fetch them a satisfactory amount of money. She prays to a higher power for assistance and questions whether they are truly blessed by the divine.

As Bindiya steps outside, her gaze suddenly falls upon a Dupatta belonging to Fulmati, which bears the same burning mark. Connecting the dots between this discovery and the previous incidents, Bindiya realizes that Fulmati deliberately destroyed their field.

Taking the Dupatta, Bindiya presents it to Dadi, leaving everyone in shock at Fulmati’s mean-spiritedness. Bindiya is eager to confront her, but Dadi forbids her, warning of potential physical harm from Fulmati. Payal and Bindiya feel disheartened and unable to find a solution to mend these broken bonds. They are deeply saddened by the behavior of their loved ones and realize the importance of not blindly trusting anyone. Determined to restore peace in the house, Bindiya devises a plan to drive Fulmati away, no matter what it takes. She seeks Payal’s assistance and they make a pact not to let Fulmati sell the field.

The next morning, Fulmati contacts a property promoter regarding the sale. She informs Bindiya that the buyer will be coming to their home, offering an explanation for her decision. Dadi and Bindiya perceive Fulmati’s deceptive nature. Bindiya eagerly awaits the climax, but Bhim taunts her acting skills, adding to her concerns about avoiding any complications during the property sale. Bhim carelessly leaves the field’s map in the room, unaware that the two sisters have already taken it into their possession.

On the other side, Payal was taken aback by the unexpected bond between Rampeyari, their pet cow, and Bindiya. She deeply admired Bindiya’s dedication. In the meantime, Fulmati instructed Bhim to clean the entire house, as they were expecting a buyer to arrive soon. Aware of the buyer’s punctuality, they commenced their thorough cleaning. Fulmati specifically asked Bhim to fetch fresh milk from one of the cows. Bindiya and Payal stepped forward to lend a hand and assist in procuring the milk. Once Bindiya and Payal left, Fulmati felt a surge of happiness.

Meanwhile, Madan found himself perplexed as nobody was willing to help them. However, a sudden idea dawned upon him, providing a means of salvation. While passing through the fields, Bindiya and Payal noticed the scorched earth and felt disheartened. However, their spirits were lifted by a laborer working in the field, who highlighted the usefulness of the burned land. Bindiya and Payal felt a renewed sense of hope.

Finally, Bhim arrived with the milk from the cow. Dadi called Fulmati to attend to her, as she was feeling unwell. Fulmati hurried to her side. Meanwhile, Bindiya and Payal devised a mischievous plan. After some time, they uncovered a box, from which a black cat emerged. As black cats are often considered a bad omen, the buyer became extremely agitated upon seeing it.

[Episode End]

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