Suhaagan 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Fulmati’s menacing words, as she directs Bhim to bind Bindiya and Payal with ropes. The two sisters experience a suffocating sensation as their mouths are tightly gagged. Fulmati’s wicked demeanor becomes evident as she relishes in her actions. Initially, she unties Bindiya’s hair, preparing herself for her next move. Her monstrous laughter sends shivers down the children’s spines, rendering them helpless. Meanwhile, back at home, Dadi becomes alarmed upon noticing Fulmati and Bhim leaving the house, following the two sisters. She grows increasingly anxious and offers fervent prayers for the safety of the two girls in the face of impending danger.

With a knife in hand, Fulmati advances towards Bindiya, but the latter’s desperate struggle causes Fulmati to lose her balance, resulting in an accidental cut to her own hand. Her menacing threats only serve to intensify the animosity between them. Fulmati then shifts her attention to Payal. In the midst of this distressing situation, Bindiya turns to prayer, seeking divine intervention. Suddenly, Fulmati’s phone rings, interrupting the unfolding events. It is Fulmati’s daughter on the line, lodging a complaint about her aunt. In the meantime, Bindiya and Payal make concerted efforts to free themselves from their restraints, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

In this scenario, Madan finally manages to repair the car, but their relief is short-lived as they notice a police car approaching them. Both Rekha and Madan become anxious. One of them asks Rekha if they are in trouble, but Rekha hesitantly assures that everything is fine, even though the car’s tire puncture has caused them trouble. Rekha intentionally tries to divert her mind from the situation. The police officer looks behind their car, but Rekha claims to be alone. Eventually, the police car departs. Although Rekha scolds Madan for leaving her in trouble, he explains that the police would have become suspicious if they had seen them together.

Meanwhile, Fulmati becomes engrossed in a conversation with her daughter. Seizing the opportunity, Bindiya and Payal flee from the scene. Bhim and Fulmati chase after them. However, they manage to catch Bindiya and Payal again. This time, Fulmati becomes more aggressive and attempts to cut their hair. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a police car and try to escape, but they are caught red-handed. As soon as the police arrive, Bindiya and Payal are released from their restraints.

Bhim receives a harsh slap from the police after presenting a false excuse. Despite their attempts to explain themselves, the police mistakenly identify them as Madan and Rekha. Bhim inadvertently spills all the truth to the officers while trying to justify their actions. While Fulmati apologizes, the two sisters remain unforgiving.

Both Bhim and Fulmati plead for mercy, but Bindiya intervenes and requests that the police officer instruct Fulmati and Bhim to leave their home. The police officer decides to further humiliate them by smearing their faces. Additionally, Bhim’s head is shaved and Fulmati’s eyebrows are cut. Desperate, they plead for forgiveness, but instead, they are dragged around the village in a humiliating manner. Unbeknownst to them, Madan and Rekha observe the entire ordeal, hiding behind a tree.

[Episode End]

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