Shivshakti 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sati approaching Shiv’s Ganas and requesting them to inform Shiv that she came to meet Maruti and departed after meeting them. Disregarding their response, she departs without listening further. Nandi and the Shiv Ganas inquire why Shiv did not appear before Sati. Shiv replies that since Sati came to meet Maruti, she met them, and when she desires to meet him, he will meet her. Prasuti informs Daksh that Sati is nowhere to be found. Daksh instructs his soldiers to prepare his chariot to search for Sati. On the other hand, Sati ponders on where to meet Shiv if he is not present in Kailash. At that moment, a saint named Durvasa arrives and advises Sati that Shiv is omnipresent. He suggests that she can meet Shiv through dedicated prayers. Curious, Sati inquires about the saint’s identity. The saint replies that she need not concern herself with him if she already knows about Shiv and departs.

Sati proceeds to mold a Shiv Ling out of mud. Shiv Ganas and Nandi question Shiv about why he disappointed Sati. Shiv responds that he will meet Sati when the time is right. Sati fervently prays to Shiv, vowing not to return home until she meets him. Suddenly, Shiv appears before her, creating a sound with his Trident. Sati opens her eyes and gazes upon Shiv. Both are captivated by each other’s presence. Shiv presents her with Bhel’s bow, surrendering himself before her and offering her the opportunity to punish him to satisfy her enmity. Sati contemplates this situation while Shiv departs.

Narayan and Lakshmi engage in a discussion regarding the unique nature of Shiv and Sati’s meeting. Durvasa arrives and inquires why Narayan summoned him. Narayan commends Durvasa for facilitating Sati’s meeting with Shiv and presents him with a garland. Durvasa questions how he should use it, to which Narayan responds that he can utilize it in his own way.

Sati embarked on her quest to find Shiv, eagerly anticipating his presence. However, her hopes were shattered when she heard footsteps approaching, only to discover that it was her father standing before her. The sight left her shocked and bewildered. Daksh, inquisitive about Sati’s sudden disappearance from the palace, questioned her about her presence in the jungle with Bhel’s bow. Sati explained that she had journeyed to Kailash to meet Shiv and that the bow had been bestowed upon her by him. Daksh scoffed at her, claiming that Shiv was their enemy and had merely played a cruel joke by giving her a toy bow and arrow. To make matters worse, ash showered upon Sati, resembling Shiv’s appearance. Enraged, Daksh chastised Sati, accusing Shiv of attempting to drive a wedge between them. In that moment, Sati caught a glimpse of Shiv standing in front of her. Daksh urged Sati to question Shiv if she had any doubts, but before she could do so, Aditi arrived and informed Daksh that Surbanu had caused trouble and Indradev had gone alone to rakshas lok. She implored her father to resolve the issue. Daksh ordered Sati to return home and embrace her role as Dakshayani, cleansing herself of the ash.

Sati, however, refused to let anyone wipe away the ash from her face and took matters into her own hands. Prasuti, noticing Sati’s missing anklet, confronted her daughter, admonishing her for losing the anklet gifted by her father. Sati embarked on a search to find it, accompanied by the palace servants. It was during this time that Shiv stumbled upon Sati’s anklet, leading her to believe that he was responsible for her loss. Narad witnessed Shiv’s joy upon finding the anklet and cautioned him against keeping things without permission. Shiv retorted, claiming that the anklet belonged to someone connected to him.

Intrigued by Shiv’s actions, Sati questioned him about why he seemed intent on causing her distress. Narad intervened, advising Shiv that Sati would be hurt if her belongings were taken away. Shiv, well aware of the pain of separation, left the anklet behind. Sati, overjoyed at finding her anklet near the Shiv Ling, couldn’t help but feel that Shiv no longer desired enmity. As she attempted to put on the anklet, Rohini arrived and offered her assistance. Sati tried to conceal her happiness, but Rohini saw through her facade, urging her to speak the truth. Reluctantly, Sati confided that her happiness was not about Shiv. Rohini, perceptive and supportive, insisted that she knew it involved Shiv and lauded his virtues. Sati blushed, sending Rohini to meet their mother. Left alone, Sati noticed sun rays falling upon the Shiv Ling and quickly tied clothes around it to shield it from the harsh light.

[Episode End]

Precap : Durvasa, renowned for his short temper, unleashes a curse upon Lord Indra and the entire pantheon of gods, foretelling the loss of their divine fortunes. In their despair, the celestial beings known as Dev Ganas seek solace in the presence of Lord Shiv, beseeching him to guide them out of this calamity. Responding to their plea, Shiv reveals that the path to redemption lies in the ancient ritual of Samudra Mantan.

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