Shivshakti 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Daksh spotting Sati clutching a Rudraksha in her palm. Curious, Daksh inquires about its origin, to which Prasuti suggests that it might have been a gift from a guest. However, Daksh asserts that nobody presented it and questions if anyone had visited their dwelling. The servant confirms that no one had come. Daksh expresses his disdain for unwelcome visitors or gifts and disdainfully discards the Rudraksha. As fate would have it, the Rudraksha takes flight and lands in Shiv’s hand. A smile graces Shiv’s face as he beholds it. The Ganas observe Shiv’s delight and comprehend that he has encountered Sati. Inquisitive, they ask how he met her and if he has divulged their existence to her. Shiv responds, saying he has indeed met her but has yet to converse with her. However, he assures them that he will acquaint her with their presence in due time, granting the children a boon to be known as Shiv Gan.

Dwiti arrives at Daksh’s abode uninvited. Daksh questions her audacity to visit without an invitation, to which Dwiti retorts by pointing out that someone else had done the same. She inquires about the relationship between Shiv and Sati. Daksh, incensed, cites this as the reason he did not extend an invitation, accusing Dwiti of provoking his anger.

Daksh seizes hold of Sati and proclaims his intention to mold her into a devotee of Narayan and Brahma, emphasizing her ignorance of Shiv’s existence. Prasuti interjects, deeming it unjust to nurture vengeance from childhood. Daksh retorts that his offspring will also carry out his vendetta. He proceeds to sing Vishnu Stuti. Years later, Sati sings Narayan Stuti, much to Daksh’s delight. He commends her devotion to Narayan and reveals his intention to bestow her with a gift. Sati expresses her desire to meet Narayan, prompting Daksh to declare that meeting Narayan is the gift he has prepared for her. Overjoyed at the prospect of encountering her beloved deity, Sati announces her intention to venture into the forest to gather Narayan’s beloved flowers independently.

Sati ventured into the depths of the jungle, her purpose being to gather an array of vibrant flowers. As she gracefully plucked the blossoms, an unexpected misstep caused her to stumble and fall. However, in that moment of vulnerability, a captivating melody reached her ears, drawing her attention towards its origin. She followed the enchanting sound and discovered Nandi, immersed in devotion, performing a sacred puja to Lord Shiva. Curiosity ignited within Sati as she inquired about the hymn he was singing. Nandi, taken aback by her unfamiliarity with Lord Shiva, questioned if she hailed from Daksh’s palace. He enlightened her about Daksh’s prohibition of Shiva worship, but emphasized the indissoluble bond between Shiva and His devotees. Sati sternly warned Nandi against speaking ill of her father, cautioning him about the consequences he might face. Unfazed, Nandi expressed his indifference towards any punishment, urging Sati to convey to Daksh the injustice of separating devotees from their god. Just then, Sati’s companions arrived, retrieving her from the scene, while she couldn’t help but smile upon catching a glimpse of the divine Shiv Linga.

Meanwhile, Narayan and Lakshmi graced Daksh’s grand assembly. Sati, bearing Narayan’s favorite flowers, joined the gathering. Narayan bestowed his blessings upon her, filling her heart with joy. Daksh requested Narayan to listen to his daughter’s hymn, a moment of immense pride for the king. Sati commenced the sacred ceremony, but as she closed her eyes, she was consumed by visions of the mighty Shiv Linga and resonating Damkarukam sounds. Daksh eagerly awaited Sati’s rendition of the hymn, but to his dismay, she abruptly halted. Perplexed, Daksh questioned her about the sudden pause and insisted that she sing from the depths of her heart. Narayan, with a serene smile, witnessed the turn of events. Sati, gathering her strength, resumed her song, pouring her devotion into the Siva Stuti. Daksh, consumed by anger, vented his fury upon a nearby bell, shattering it into pieces. Tearfully, Sati opened her eyes and silently departed from the assembly.

Undeterred by Daksh’s rule, Nandi unabashedly exhibited his unwavering devotion to Lord Shiva, attempting to lift the weighty Shiv Linga. Onlookers reminded him of Daksh’s decree, warning him of the consequences. Unyielding, Nandi vowed to transport the divine Linga to a secure sanctuary where it would receive the adoration it deserved. He offered a fervent prayer and, with divine grace, effortlessly lifted the sacred idol. Along his journey, Nandi discovered a Trishul, a potent symbol of Lord Shiva’s power, which he reverently took along.

Seeking solace, Sati found comfort in her mother, Prasuti’s, consoling embrace. Overwhelmed with guilt, Sati confessed that she had unknowingly wounded her father, blaming her actions on the encounter with the boy in the jungle—Nandi. Unbeknownst to her, Daksh overheard their conversation, his mind echoing Shakti’s previous words. He approached Sati and reassured her that he harbored no anger towards her, inquiring about her newfound knowledge of the stuti. Sati disclosed that Nandi, the young boy from the forest, had enlightened her about Lord Shiva’s omnipresence as the creator of all existence.

Meanwhile, Nandi reverently placed the Shiv Linga in his abode, alongside the collection of idols he had gathered over the years. He addressed Lord Shiva, acknowledging his tender age of twelve and expressing his trust that his father would protect him. Astonished by Nandi’s unwavering devotion, his father arrived at the scene, marveling at his son’s profound connection with Lord Shiva.

Curiosity still burning within her, Sati sought confirmation from Daksh regarding the reality of Lord Shiva’s existence. Daksh, affirming the deity’s divinity, shared the reason behind the ban on Shiva worship within their kingdom. He offered to lift the prohibition if it didn’t sit well with Sati. Firmly standing by her father’s side, Sati declared that her father’s adversaries would be her adversaries as well. Overwhelmed with emotion, Daksh embraced his daughter, cherishing the bond they shared.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sati bravely decided to face Shiv head-on, ready to address their differences directly.

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