Shivshakti 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Chandra Dev experiencing immense joy upon witnessing Shiv’s arrival. Narayan and other deities join them. Chandra Dev sincerely apologizes to Shiv Ji for inadvertently causing a disturbance in the natural balance. He humbly acknowledges his mistake. In response, Shiv assures Chandra Dev that he deserves another opportunity since he genuinely regrets his actions. Curious, Chandra Dev inquires about the meaning behind Shiv’s words. Shiv Ji explains that he will once again adorn Chandra Dev in his hair, ensuring his immortality. Shiv attributes his revival to the love of his wives. He then heals Chandra Dev and places a crescent moon upon his hair. Dwithi, on the other hand, informs Rakshas that they can exploit Chandra Dev’s supposed death to seize control of Swarag Lok. However, Rakshas notices that the moon is intact and instructs Dwiti to investigate. Dwiti is taken aback when she discovers that Chandra Dev is unharmed.

Meanwhile, Prasuti arranges white garments for her daughters and expresses her concerns to Daksh. At that moment, Narad arrives and informs Prasuti that Shiv has saved Chandra Dev. This news fills Prasuti with immense joy. Narayan then approaches Shiv and proposes that he be henceforth called Chandra Sekhar. Shiv explains that he is merely altering Daksh’s curse, and according to this curse, the 15-day period of the waning moon will now be known as Krishna paksha, while the 15-day period of the waxing moon will be called Shukla paksha. Chandra Dev expresses his gratitude towards Shiv. The gods take their leave. Sati, upon learning from her sister that Chandra Dev has been rescued, ponders over Narayan’s statement that “Shiv saved Chandra Dev” and realizes its truth.

Daksh reached out to Narayan, and to his surprise, Narayan materialized before him. Expressing his discontent, Daksh claimed that Shiv had disregarded his curse and acted unjustly. Narayan, however, defended Shiv’s actions, stating that everything he did was an act of justice. Narayan implored Daksh to let go of his enmity and perceive the truth, and then departed. Prasuti, Daksh’s wife, urged him to release his animosity, but Daksh stubbornly refused.

At that moment, Sati arrived at the scene. Joining the conversation, Dwiti confronted Daksh, pointing out that he was also in the wrong. Taking a stand for her father, Sati defended him vehemently. However, Dwiti informed Sati that she was only aware of half the truth, promising to reveal the hidden part. Sati firmly maintained her belief in her father’s integrity, convinced that he was incapable of injustice. Unfazed, Dwiti proceeded to explain that Shiv had saved Chandra Dev, her own children, and their devotees, while Daksh had imprisoned them when they appeared in his courtroom. It dawned on Sati that the two Shiv Ganas present during the trial were her sister’s sons. Dwiti challenged Sati to decide who was truly right. Daksh intervened, requesting Dwiti to stop instigating Sati against him, as he was well aware of her lack of support for him and Shiv.

Meanwhile, Shiv was tending to his Shiv Ganas, eliciting happiness from Nandi. Sati approached the newly emerged Shiv Ling in their vicinity, pondering over the identity of its manifestation. Narad arrived at the scene and offered his commentary. Deciding to return the small Shiv Ling, Sati resolved to do so. Observing the scene, Shiv commanded his Ganas to clean Kailash, despite their initial reluctance. Sati’s imminent arrival was brought to the attention of the Shiv Ganas by Narad, who conveyed the news with delight. They promptly set about cleaning the surroundings, bringing joy to Shiv, who appreciated the cleanliness. Daksh, on the other hand, arranged a Narayan puja in an attempt to keep Sati distanced from thoughts of Shiv. However, Sati’s attendant informed Daksh that she was not present in the royal palace, leaving him wondering about her whereabouts.

Eventually, Sati arrived at Kailash with the Shiv Ling in her possession. Sensing her presence, Shiv smiled. Returning the Shiv Ling to the awaiting Shiv Ganas, she inquired about Shiv’s location. They pointed upwards, indicating his presence. Despite being directly in front of her, Sati couldn’t perceive Shiv. Nevertheless, she recognized Nandi and questioned his whereabouts. Nandi and the others affirmed that Shiv was right in front of her. Disbelieving their words, Sati accused them of lying and requested that they inform Shiv of her visit to Maruti before departing. Sati then left the premises. Inquiring why he hadn’t revealed himself to Sati, Nandi asked Shiv. He replied that since Sati had come to meet Maruti, she had encountered his Ganas, and she would see him when she desired to meet him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Resolute in her determination to meet Lord Shiva, Sati fervently chants his name, unwavering in her resolve to remain until their encounter. Responding to her unwavering devotion, Lord Shiva manifests before her and humbly requests her to administer punishment unto him.

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