Shivshakti 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Daksh expressing his determination to eradicate Lord Shiva from the world. However, the Agori group intervenes and takes a stand alongside Lord Shiva. Daksh belittles their principles, to which Lord Shiva responds by acknowledging it as Daksh’s personal perspective. Prasuti advises Daksh not to misunderstand Shiv and urges him to comprehend that Shiv’s actions were meant to eliminate his arrogance. Daksh vows to seek vengeance against Shiv for insulting his father and declares that he won’t allow anyone to worship Shiv in his kingdom. Consequently, he commands his Royal knights to shut down all the Shiv temples within his realm. The Agori group implores Shiv Ji to halt Daksh’s actions, but Shiv asserts that he is indifferent to the insults.

Lakshmi and Saraswathi beseech Narayan and Brahma to intervene and stop Daksh. Brahma asserts that Daksh is unlikely to heed anyone at this moment. Narayan declares that he will utilize this situation to unite Shiv Shakti. Daksh confides in his brother Narada, proclaiming that the people of his kingdom will no longer worship Shiv, and disobedience will be met with punishment. Narada presents him with an idol of Shiv Ji, stating that his revenge is incomplete. Daksh commands his Royal knights to remove the Shiv Lingh in front of him. As the Royal knights are about to shatter the Shiv Lingh in accordance with their king’s orders, a disguised Narayan appears and halts them. Daksh questions the identity of the individual who dares to obstruct the orders of the Praja Pati. The disguised Narayan claims that Shiv committed a mistake by insulting Daksh and his father, thus deserving severe punishment. Daksh seeks clarification, and Narayan instructs the Royal knights to fetch Bhel leaves. He then performs an act similar to Abhishek, pouring the leaves on the Shiv Lingh. Daksh, misunderstanding it as a punishment, queries its meaning. Narayan then asks the Royal knights to bring ash, which he throws onto the Shiv Lingh. Simultaneously, the Agori group performs the same ritual of Abhishek to Shiv Ji.

Daksh inquires Brahmin about his activities, to which Narayan responds that he is engrossed in his work and requests them to fetch Datoora flowers. Daksh and his royal knights promptly procure the Datoora flowers. Narayan arranges them near the presence of Shiv Ji. Daksh expresses his satisfaction, suggesting they relocate the Shiv Lingh from its current position. Narayan refutes Daksh, revealing the existence of a puja lingh and presenting it to him. Daksh erupts in anger, berating Narayan. However, Narayan reveals his true form, evoking happiness among everyone present. Daksh questions Narayan about his audacity to make him perform the puja to Shiv. In response, Narayan advises Daksh to rectify his mistakes. Daksh wonders why Narayan did not intervene when Shiv insulted his father. Narayan explains that no one can oppose Shiv as long as Shakti stands by his side. An idea strikes Daksh. Expressing gratitude to Narayan for providing him with a plan to defeat Shiv, Daksh proclaims his intention to bring Shakti into the world as his daughter, aiming to eradicate Shiv’s existence. Narayan bestows his blessings upon Daksh. Narada comprehends Daksh’s strategy of bringing back Shakti, while Lakshmi acknowledges that Narayan employed his own means to accomplish Shakti’s return. Placing a Bhel leaf on the Shiv Lingh, Narayan directs Shakti’s essence towards Shiv, prompting him to sense her presence.

Daksh embarks on a penance to impress Shakti. Dwithi informs the Asurs that her unborn child will be the destroyer of the Dev Lok inhabitants. She removes her fetus and places it in the Garbh Gruh. Chandra Dev approaches Indra Dev, notifying him of the Asur Lok’s conspiracies against them. Chandra Dev and Indra Dev venture into Patal Lok. Vajrangi prevents Dwiti from leaving and assures her that the fetus is safe in the Garbh Gruh. Observing Dwiti’s pregnant appearance, Vajrangi inquires about her identity. Indra Devi reveals her true form and attacks Dwiti’s unborn child with Vajrayudh. Vajrangi alerts Dwiti and her husband, leading to their distress upon witnessing the lifeless fragments of their fetus. Dwiti’s son pledges to defeat Indra Dev. Vajrang proceeds to Swarg Lok and triumphs over Indra Dev, nearly claiming his seat.

Lord Shiv intervenes and prevents Vajrang from occupying Indra’s position. Shiv and his army defeat the Asurs. Dwiti arrives and questions Shiv, pointing out the injustice committed by Indra Dev. She implores Shiv to kill her son, Vajrang, emphasizing the lack of justice in such actions. Shiv informs Dwiti that her intentions are misguided and compares her to Indra Dev, asserting that she is also in the wrong. Indra Dev justifies his deeds, but Shiv warns him to change his ways and avoid repeating his mistakes. Dwiti queries Shiv about the nature of this justice and questions whether he can grant life to her child. Shiv grants life to Dwiti’s fetus, which then divides into many children who merge with Shiv Ji. Dwiti experiences joy witnessing this miracle. However, she refrains from approaching them due to Shiv Ji’s stern gaze.

[Episode End]

Precap : Daksh implores Shakti to reincarnate as his daughter, seeking an opportunity for revenge against Shiv. Consequently, Shiv bestows upon her the name Sati. Daksh instills a deep sense of vengeance within Sati. As she matures, she develops a firm belief that her father’s adversary is her own. Eventually, Sati reaches adulthood and approaches Shiv.

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