Shivshakti 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sati summoning Shiv to stand before her for the impending battle. Helpless, Shiv gazes at her from a distance. Narayan approaches Shiv and reminds him that this is a call for enmity, not love. Shiv confesses his inability to confront Sati at that moment. In an act of desperation, Shiv hurls a Rudraksha bead near Sati, causing her to cry out for him. Shiv, however, departs as the sun sets.

Prasuti approaches Daksh, expressing concern that their daughters are distressed due to Chandra Dev’s exclusive affection for Rohini, neglecting the others. She urges Daksh to address Chandra Dev as a father-in-law should. Daksh agrees and summons Chandra Dev back to the palace after his rendezvous with Rohini. Daksh questions Chandra Dev about his unequal love for his wives. Chandra Dev defends his feelings for Rohini, claiming that it does not imply injustice towards his other wives. He challenges Daksh, asking if he loves Aditi and Dwiti equally. This infuriates Daksh, who commands Chandra Dev to love his wives evenly. Chandra Dev, however, asserts that he cannot love everyone equally. Sati intervenes, urging Chandra Dev to leave. Refusing to depart, Chandra Dev provokes Daksh, reminding him of the punishment he inflicted upon Shiv’s devotees.

Daksh’s curse falls upon Chandra Dev, causing his light to gradually fade away, leading to his eventual disappearance. The shocking turn of events perplexes Rohini, and Shiv feels the impact as well. Sensing his impending death, Chandra Dev realizes that only Shiv can bring justice and asks Rohini to take him to Lord Shiv. However, Daksh intervenes and threatens his daughters, demanding that they sever their ties with Chandra Dev if they take him to Shiv. Rohini is devastated by Daksh’s ultimatum and questions how he could do such a thing to them. Sati pleads with Daksh, urging him not to punish his daughters for his anger towards Shiv. She reminds him of the tarnish his name will suffer if his daughters become widows and vows to save Chandra Dev. Meanwhile, the gods approach Shiv and explain the imbalance that will occur in nature without the presence of the Moon. Shiv acknowledges that Chandra Dev deserves punishment for his wrongdoing but expresses his determination to protect others from being affected. He assigns Indra to fulfill his duties and suggests that a permanent solution must be sought. Narayan asks who will make Chandra Dev realize his mistake, to which Shiv responds that it is a matter between Nature and Chandra Dev, and it is Nature that will make him understand his wrongdoing.

Chandra Dev seeks Rohini’s assistance while Sati decides to make him realize his mistake. She urges Chandra Dev not to seek Shiv’s help, assuring him that she will save him by approaching Brahm Ji. However, Chandra Dev insists that only Shiv Ji can save him and asks his wives to return to the palace without him. Sati tries to make Chandra Dev understand his mistake, emphasizing the injustice he is causing to his wives, but he remains oblivious. Sati instructs her sisters not to assist Chandra Dev, which causes him to lose his balance. Rohini supports him, but Sati prevents her sisters from helping him. The weather becomes imbalanced, with continuous rains affecting people. Shiv Ganas attempt to save the affected individuals while Dwiti instructs her sons to exploit the situation to their advantage.

Despite their efforts, Rohini struggles to lift Chandra Dev. His other wives come to his aid, and finally, he comprehends his mistake and apologizes to them. He promises to grant them their rightful place if he is saved. With this newfound determination, Chandra Dev gains some strength and manages to stand up. Observing that Shiv is unlikely to assist Chandra Dev, Sati decides to take matters into her own hands.

Witnessing the situation spiraling out of control, Nandi fervently prays to Shiv Ji. In response, Lord Shiv arrives and brings the water flow under control. Chandra Dev and his wives mold a Shiv Ling out of the mud and their tears, fervently praying to Shiv Ji. Meanwhile, Sati meets Narayan and explains that Chandra Dev is repenting for his mistakes, pleading for his salvation for the sake of everyone’s well-being. However, Narayan confesses his inability to save Chandra Dev and states that only Shiv, being Mahakaal, can rescue him.

Amidst the prayers and devotion of Chandra Dev and his wives, Sati expresses her doubt to Narayan, believing that Shiv won’t help their family due to the enmity between them. Narayan assures her that only time will reveal the truth. As Chandra Dev falls onto the Shiv Ling, a sense of worry engulfs everyone present. Just when all hope seems lost, Lord Shiv manifests himself before Chandra Dev, rekindling his hope and faith in salvation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shiva grants a blessing to Chandra Dev, bestowing upon him the privilege of adorning his head with the crescent moon. This celestial adornment signifies the 15-day period of the waxing moon, known as Shukla Paksha, during each lunar month. Additionally, the subsequent 15-day phase of the waning moon is referred to as Krishna Paksha.

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