Shivshakti 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Shiv using his divine power to restore life to Dwiti’s broken fetus. As a result, multiple children are born. Dwiti expresses her grief over losing one son but acknowledges that Shiv has blessed her with many sons. Shiv informs her that these boys will accompany him, as she has forfeited her rights as a mother due to her selfishness. He turns to Indra and explains that he cannot fulfill his duties without the assistance of the Ganas. Dwithi implores Vajrang to intervene, but Vajrang agrees with Shiv’s decision, stating that Shiv Ji’s justice is righteous. Vajrang expresses his desire to worship Shiv, who blesses him. Shiv then proceeds to leave with the Ganas. Narad reveals that he now understands why Shiv is the object of devotion for his own master, Narayan.

The Ganas cling to Shiv as they make their way back to Kailash. Lakshmi appeals to Narayan, urging him to assist Shiv in raising the children. Narayan informs her that Daksh will provide assistance. Narada advises Shiv that he requires a companion to care for him and the Ganas. Narada suggests that Shiv consider marriage. Shiv responds, stating that he cannot marry because no one can adjust to his life in Kailash. Narada points out that Kailash is everything to him, thus he should consider marriage. Shiv reminds Narada that he is a lifelong celibate, and requests him to refrain from discussing marriage.

Daksh’s intense devotion impresses Shakti. She appears before Daksh and offers him a boon of his choosing. Daksh asks her to be born as his daughter. Shakti agrees, revealing that she is Shiv’s power and is complete only with him. She informs Daksh that she will be born to him, but she will not remember her true identity. She warns Daksh that if he ever insults her existence and identity, she will abandon her mortal form, and he will bear the consequences.

Ganas observes the changing weather and expresses their curiosity to Narada. In response, Narada explains that Shakti is emerging to restore balance in Shiv Ji’s life. Meanwhile, the helper Lady informs Daksh that Prasuti is in labor. Daksh, believing that his daughter is about to be born and will have no connection to Shiv, puts his other foot down to stabilize the weather. The Lady joyfully informs Daksh that he has been blessed with a baby girl. Overwhelmed with happiness, Daksh holds his daughter and names her Sati. As the sun’s rays connect Sati and Shiv, he opens his eyes with a smile. Daksh proudly declares that she is Daksh’s daughter, Dakshayani, but Shiv corrects him, calling her Shiv Ki Sati. The gods rejoice at the birth of Shakti. Daksh instructs Aditi to invite all the gods to meet his daughter, except Shiv.

Narada, Lakshmi, and Narayan witness Shiv preparing his Ganas and approach him. They invite Shiv to Sati’s Janmostav (birth celebration). Shiv declines the invitation, citing Daksh’s animosity towards him and his desire to avoid causing any trouble at the event. He mentions not receiving an invitation as well. Lakshmi assures him that he will receive the invitation. Prasuti urges Daksh to let go of his grudge and invite Shiv. However, Daksh remains steadfast in seeking revenge against Shiv and refuses to reconcile.

The Ganas implore Shiv to take them to Sati’s Janmostav, but Shiv remains silent, disappointing them. Sati then sends a peacock feather to Shiv as an invitation. Upon seeing the peacock feather, Shiv realizes he has indeed been invited. He informs the Ganas that they will be attending Sati’s Janmostav, and they happily accompany him.

Daksh orders his soldiers to close the palace entrance before Shiv and the Ganas can enter. Sati cries inconsolably, and Daksh’s attempts to comfort her prove futile. The Ganas inquire about how they can catch a glimpse of Sati. Prasuti brings Sati to the room, perplexed by her uncontrollable crying. She instructs her servants to take care of Sati and leaves. Shiv freezes time and appears before Sati in his childlike form (Baal roop), bringing her immense joy. Prasuti informs Daksh that her efforts to console Sati have failed. Daksh accompanies Prasuti to check on Sati. Shiv sheds a tear that falls on Sati’s hand. Daksh arrives and finds Sati calm, engrossed in playing with a Rudraksha bead. Daksh notices the Rudraksha and asks where it came from. Prasuti speculates that it may have been a gift from a guest. Daksh dismissively tosses it away, and it lands in Shiv’s hand, who smiles upon seeing it.

[Episode End]

Precap : Daksh seeks vengeance against Sati as she declares, “The enemy of my father shall be my adversary.

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