Shivshakti 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Shiv consumed by anger, performing the Tandav dance. Suddenly, he notices Shakti emerging gracefully from the depths of nature. She approaches him, questioning the necessity of sacrifice while preserving nature and time. Extending his hand towards her, she gently wipes it, remarking that he has transformed from Sadha Shiv to Rudra. Shiv acknowledges that Shakti’s presence can restore him to being Sadha Shiv once again. Proposing the idea of initiating a new universe, he asks for her agreement. With a mutual understanding, they engage in a mesmerizing dance. As a divine light descends upon them, new gods are born, entrusted with the task of creating and governing the fresh cosmos. Shiv assigns their respective duties, proclaiming them as Brahma and Vishnu. Shakti reminds everyone that Narayan is accompanied by his partner Lakshmi, while Brahma is joined by Saraswati. Shiv advises them never to succumb to arrogance, to which they all consent.

Later, Shiv admires the beauty of flowers and lovingly places one in Shakti’s hair, prompting a conversation about separation. Shakti questions whether separation is the ultimate fate of love. Shiv disagrees, asserting that waiting for love is one’s destined path. Tenderly holding her hand, he leads her away, expressing his desire to reunite when the time for a new beginning arises. Curiously, he asks if she will wait for him. Shakti responds, stating that time will determine the duration of her love’s test. Shiv expresses his hope that this time there will be no such trials. As Shakti begins to depart, Shiv longingly expresses his anticipation for their reunion. With a heavy heart, she returns to the embrace of nature, the place from which she emerged. Shiv’s eyes well up with tears as he commences his Tapasya, patiently waiting for his reunion with Shakti.

The voiceover narrates that Prajapati Daksh is born to Brahma. In Daksh’s courtroom, he interrogates Chandra Dev about neglecting his duties for his love for Rohini. Chandra Dev apologizes, and Daksh seeks Indra Dev’s opinion. Indra Dev suggests assigning the duty to someone else, which receives agreement from pregnant Dwiti, Daksh’s daughter. She supports Indra Dev’s opinion and proposes giving Chandra Dev’s powers to the Asuras. Indra Dev comments sarcastically, leading to an argument. Daksh intervenes and informs Chandra Dev that he will marry his 26th daughter to ensure he fulfills his duties. Chandra Dev expresses his love for Rohini, but Daksh insists on guiding him onto the right path. Rohini feels upset, and Daksh emphasizes the importance of treating all his daughters well. Eventually, Chandra Dev agrees.

Later, Daksh washes his father’s feet and reflects on the difficulties of managing conflicts between Asuras and Devas. Brahma Dev comments on it and experiences pain in his head, resulting in the emergence of a fifth head. Daksh rejoices, but Narayan appears unhappy. Daksh notices Narayan and greets him, prompting Narayan to request an invitation for Shiva to Daksh’s daughter’s wedding. Daksh asks where Shiva resides.

Accompanied by Narad, Daksh arrives at a cave and asks Narad about Shiva’s whereabouts. Narad explains that they need to chant Shiva’s mantra to summon him. Together, Daksh and Narad chant “Om Namah Shivay,” and Shiva manifests before them. Daksh greets Shiva and introduces himself as Brahma’s son. Shiva questions his identity, and Daksh clarifies his lineage. Narad provides further introductions and informs Shiva about Daksh’s daughters’ wedding, inviting him to attend. Shiva agrees and closes his eyes. Daksh confides in Narada, expressing confusion about why Narayan sent him to meet the enigmatic Shiva.

Narad mentions to Chandra Dev that Daksh’s 26 daughters are beautiful. Daksh awaits Brahma Dev’s arrival while Narayan advises Daksh to commence the wedding rituals during the auspicious time. Daksh initiates the wedding ceremonies, but Brahmadev arrives unexpectedly and witnesses the ongoing marriage. He expresses anger at the marriage occurring in his absence. Narayan defends his suggestion for the marriage and questions Brahmadev’s agitation since his fifth head emerged. Brahmadev ridicules Vishnu, leading Daksh to request his father to remain calm. However, Brahma Dev demands that Vishnu leave, to which Vishnu complies, reminding Brahma Dev that he was born from his navel. Brahma Dev loses his composure, asserting that he created the universe and challenging Vishnu to a war to determine their superiority. Brahma Dev and Narayan are on the verge of fighting when Shiva opens his third eye and instructs them to go to the starting point of a volcano to settle their dispute. Reluctantly, they agree to the competition.

Vishnu realizes that the voice came from Shiva. A Ketki flower falls near Brahma, and he inquires if it knows the starting point of the river. Ketki denies any knowledge, but Brahma insists on her lying to everyone, claiming to have found the starting point. Narayan returns, and Daksh asks if he found the starting point. Vishnu explains that there is no definitive start or end to the river. Brahma arrives and asserts that he discovered the starting point, using Ketki as a false witness. Shiva emerges from the river and questions Brahma about his claim. Brahma arrogantly boasts of his knowledge due to his five heads. Shiva informs Brahma that his fifth head represents arrogance and insists that Brahma must relinquish it. Brahma insults Shiva, who promptly cuts off Brahma’s fifth head with his Trishul. Shiva declares that due to Brahma’s arrogance, he will no longer be worshipped in the world and tells Ketki that she cannot be presented to him because of her lie. Shiva departs, leaving Daksh to comment on Shiva’s anger. Shiva goes to the river and submerges Brahma Dev’s fifth head. He cleans his Trishul, still filled with anger. Shakti approaches and asks why he appears unhappy. She acknowledges that everyone witnessed his anger but failed to recognize his intentions and the pain he endured.

Daksh approaches Shiva and Shakti vanishes. Daksh questions Shiva about his unjust treatment of his father. Shiva applies ashes from the cremation ground to his body. Daksh comments on Shiva’s impurity for applying ashes after bathing. Shiva explains the disparity in their perspectives, emphasizing the significance of ashes and how Vibhuti (sacred ash) is revered. Daksh insists that Shiva should not be worshipped based on his views and for punishing his father, who created the world. Daksh proclaims his intention to create a world without Shiva.

[Episode End]

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