Shivshakti 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Shivshakti 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Sati expressing to Daksh that her father’s adversary is her own. Daksh embraces Sati warmly. Sati informs Daksh that Nandi is blinded by his devotion to Shiv, but she believes she can change him. After her statement, she departs. Prasuti questions Daksh about allowing Sati to leave unaccompanied. Daksh confidently asserts that she is more than capable of handling any situation on her own. Nandi pleads with his father to complete the Tripund ritual for Lord Shiv. He proceeds to retrieve the Mauli (sacred thread). However, Nandi’s father refrains from performing the ritual and ponders the words of a saint, who prophesied Nandi’s death in 100 days. He realizes that the present day marks the 100th day. Observing that his father neglects to complete the Tripund, Nandi takes it upon himself to finish the ritual and ties the thread to the Shiv Ling (Shiv’s idol). Confused, Nandi’s father questions why he is tying the thread to the Shiv Ling, to which Nandi cryptically replies that he will soon find out.

Sati and her companions venture to the location where they had previously encountered Nandi. To their dismay, they discover that both Nandi and the Shiv Ling are missing. Sati interrogates the locals and hastily rushes to Nandi’s dwelling. Yamaraj arrives at Nandi’s abode, and Nandi expresses his anticipation of Yamaraj’s arrival. Surprised, Yamaraj remarks that no one has ever awaited him with such contentment before. Fearlessly, Nandi declares that he is prepared to surrender his life, but his devotion for Shiv Ji is unbreakable, just like the thread that binds him to Shiv Ji. Nandi fervently chants the Shiv Stuti (praise of Lord Shiv) and collapses, on the verge of removing the last thread from Shiv Ji. Yamaraj moves closer to claim Nandi’s life, but at that moment, Lord Shiv materializes and bestows life upon Nandi. Nandi continues to recite the Shiv Stuti. Yamaraj addresses Shiv Ji, explaining that he had come to fulfill his duty. Shiv Ji reveals that he is connected to Nandi through a thread and insists that Yamaraj must take him along with Nandi in order to perform his duty. Yamaraj expresses his inability to do so. Shiv Ji commends Nandi’s unwavering devotion and selfless service and asks Nandi what he desires. Nandi humbly expresses his need for Shiv Ji. Shiv Ji remarks that Nandi still fails to value his own life and questions Yamaraj’s intention to claim Nandi’s life. Yamaraj clarifies that Nandi’s time on Earth has ended, and he cannot remain there any longer. Determined, Shiv Ji declares that he will take Nandi to Kailash, and the entire world shall recognize Nandi as his divine mount. Yamaraj concedes that no one can come between Lord Shiv and his devoted followers and vanishes from the scene. Shiv Ji asks Nandi if he is ready to accompany him to Kailash. At that moment, Narad appears and urges Shiv Ji to halt and meet with Sati. Shiv Ji responds that it is not yet time to reunite with her and departs. In his departure, Shiv Ji’s hand brushes against the Trishul (trident) and gains its divine power.

Sati arrived at Nandi’s place and inquired about his whereabouts. Nandi’s father informed her that just moments ago, Lord Shiva had taken Nandi along with him, making him his divine vehicle (Vahan). Sati questioned why he didn’t prevent Shiva from taking Nandi away. Nandi’s father replied, expressing his powerlessness to stop Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, Shiva and Nandi arrived at Kailash, where the Ganas approached Shiva to inquire about Nandi’s identity. Shiva introduced Nandi as their protector (Rakshak). Sati couldn’t fathom how Shiva could separate a son from his father. Narada stepped in, offering to explain what had transpired. At that moment, Daksh appeared and asked Narada what he intended to disclose to his daughter. Sati questioned her father’s unexpected presence, to which Daksh responded that it had been a while since she had left, so he had come looking for her.

Sati declared that she would bring Nandi back to his father, even if it meant challenging Shiva himself. She even went as far as declaring Shiva as her enemy. Narada encouraged her to first lift the Trishul (trident). Sati expressed her willingness to accomplish the task. Daksh, however, interjected, stating that it wasn’t necessary. Narada instigated her further, urging her to lift the Trishul. Sati made an attempt to lift it, but she found herself unable to do so. Narada used this as an opportunity to convey his message to her. Nevertheless, Sati promised Daksh that she would lift the Trishul and confront Lord Shiva. Narada commended her unwavering determination.

Meanwhile, Shiva’s Ganas inquired about Sati from Nandi. Nandi informed them about Sati and questioned their interest in her. The Ganas revealed that Sati was Shakti (the divine feminine energy). Surprisingly, Nandi failed to recognize her. The Ganas clarified that they hadn’t even met Sati yet. Undeterred, Sati continued her attempt to lift the Trishul, firmly resolved to meet Shiva once she succeeded. After several years had passed, Shakti finally grasped the Trishul and boldly proclaimed to Shiva that she was his equal, challenging him to face her as an adversary. Shiva smiled and perceived it as a call of love.

[Episode End]

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